Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Zuleika Cuevas





Zuleika Cuevas
Manager, Training and Development, Berkeley College


Zuleika Cuevas serves as Manager of Training and Development for Human Resources at Berkeley College. In this role, she shares her passion, drive and creative versatility to maximize employee talent and engage associates in transformational experiences in training, leadership, mentoring and succession planning.


As a Human Resources leader, Ms. Cuevas oversees Leadership Berkeley, Mentorship Berkeley, Succession Berkeley, and Management Berkeley, were she produces workshops and trains front-line employees, middle-level managers and top-level executives to develop and advance into executive positions.


Ms. Cuevas has more than 25 years of corporate, nonprofit and educational experiences in training, organizational communication and leadership development consulting. She holds an MBA from Adelphi University and a BBA from Pace University. She is a certified ATD Master Trainer and Certified Coach.


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