Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2018: Syleecia Thompson, DBA





Syleecia Thompson, DBA
Entertainment Manager and Brand Strategist, DYG Management Group and Professor, Management, Larry L. Luing School of Business®


Syleecia Thompson, DBA, is an angel mom, author, professor, entrepreneur, brand strategist, entertainment manager and agent. She is a full-time Professor in the Berkeley College Larry Luing School of Business®.


Dr. Thompson takes a multifaceted approach to entrepreneurship and considers herself “The Serial Entrepreneur.” Her company focuses on empowerment, entertainment, entrepreneurship and education. She has launched and led more than 100 master’s classes, taught more than 5,000 students globally, and booked more than $5 million television, book, music, concert and film deals. Her skills also include coordinating, overseeing and launching events and book releases for herself and several clients.



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