theBROOKLYNfashionincubator at Berkeley College Works with Students and Faculty to Host Pop-up Shop in Midtown Manhattan

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018
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Berkeley College

Photo Captions: (Above) Wen Yam (Didier) Pessinaba, Berkeley College Class of 2018, is one of the designers-in-residence at theBROOKLYNfashionincubator (BFI) at Berkeley College in Brooklyn, NY. He and five other designers showcased their products at a Pop-up Shop organized by students in the Fashion Public Relations and Events course taught by Nancianne Esposito, Fashion, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business®, on June 12, 2018, at Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan.


“Professor Nancianne Esposito’s idea for her class to produce an event for hands-on experience expanded her students’ learning into a tangible teaching moment with all of the intricacies and challenges that creating an event poses,” said Maria Barraza, Executive Director, theBFI at Berkeley College.

TheBFI at Berkeley College is one of five fashion incubators spearheaded by Macy’s in talent-rich areas across the United States. As the host institution in Brooklyn, Berkeley College provides the design space for the incubator and the necessary equipment, including sewing machines, dress forms, and work areas at its campus on Duffield Street in the downtown area. The incubator also utilizes Fashion Merchandising and Management students looking to learn the industry.


The businesses and designers at the Pop-up Shop included AfrikAccents and Faso Fabrics by Wen Sam (Didier) Pessinaba; Nager Swimwear by Nic Hyl; Blooming Divas cruelty- and paraben-free lipsticks and blushes by Jewels; BASYL turbans and head wraps for children and adults by Janine Hausif; from Canvas to Collection apparel from her original works of art by Eleonora Ferragatta; and Mon Petit Coeur hand crocheted accessories and clothing for newborns and toddlers by Norine Medas. (Below, left) Students in the Fashion Public Relations and Events course taught by Nancianne Esposito, Fashion, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business (far left), with Maria Barraza, Executive Director, theBFI at Berkeley College (third from right). (Below, right) Designer Janine Hausif of BASYL showcases her turbans and headwraps for children and adults at the Pop-up Shop at Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan on June 12, 2018.


Berkeley College

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