Manhattan Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

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Students from Manhattan, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Spring 2015 Quarter. 

“I am so proud of these students for their hard work,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “The contributions of these high achievers make Berkeley College shine.” 

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,000 students – including more than 900 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies, the School of Liberal Arts, and the School of Graduate Studies, which will begin offering a Master of Business Administration degree in Management in September 2015.

Berkeley College has three New York locations – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are six locations – Clifton, Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. In January 2015, U.S. News & World Report named Berkeley College one of the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Degrees for the second consecutive year.  The website address

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First Last Borough Zip
Noa Agmon Manhattan 10010-2601
Felicia Akerstroem Manhattan 10023-7536
Ceren Aksoy Manhattan 10030-2008
Hanna Alexandersson Manhattan 10019-5634
Maria Ayala Manhattan 10044-1158
Josephine Baaro Manhattan 10044
Hye In Baek Manhattan 10036-1917
Andrea Bjarre Manhattan 10014-1550
Hilde Bjerkan Manhattan 10009-1611
Sara Borg Manhattan 10128-3537
Nana Egyimaa Buadu Manhattan 10017-1984
Jenny Chang Manhattan 10031-4544
Kin Cheng Manhattan 10009-5543
Hugo Dios Cechetto Manhattan 10013-5426
Thanh Duy Do Manhattan 10044-1119
Tung Doan Manhattan 10032
Yiran Duan Manhattan 10028-2992
Maria Ekenberger Manhattan 10003-5767
Aya Elmejerbi Manhattan 10009-8245
Torstein Erdal Manhattan 10028-7112
Marie Evje Manhattan 10002-7390
Annie Fernandez Manhattan 10026-3930
Karin Finnstrom Manhattan 10128-3812
Nelson Gallardo Manhattan 10040-5008
Tonje Gjoerven Manhattan 10016-2741
Randy Guzman Manhattan 10038-1241
Erika Hawes Manhattan 10038-1233
Iksu Hong Manhattan 10018-2020
Andreas Ivehult Manhattan 10024-3113
Hedwig Kamras Manhattan 10019-1458
Alexander Knudsen Manhattan 10005-2825
Kristina Krutina Manhattan 10028-4328
Inger Lise Kvalvik Manhattan 10011-4051
Dongwon Lee Manhattan 10031-7850
Alessandra Lippolis Manhattan 10128
George Mims Manhattan 10025-2542
Jimena Nazif Manhattan 10032-7644
Eunhye No Manhattan 10016-5418
Maho Ota Manhattan 10023-7152
Cynthia Palanca Smith Manhattan 10033-7364
Yunkyung Park Manhattan 10001-3875
Maria Pavan Manhattan 10016-4727
Matthew Rodriguez Manhattan 10029-5815
Jhonattan Rodriguez Manhattan 10040-4709
Jesse Rudd Manhattan 10036-6800
Andrea Sardina Manhattan 10028-4261
Ella Sherif Manhattan 10039-1823
Alexis Silva Manhattan 10029-5416
Rui Min Sim Manhattan 10010
Anna Strindberg Manhattan 10030-2511
Alessia Sturm Manhattan 10016-9831
Katina Yakova Tancheva Manhattan 10023-4128
Malene Nygard Ullebo Manhattan 10028-7112
Thea Winsnes Manhattan 10002-3821
Ji Won Yoon Manhattan 10001-2123
Hanna Aasen Manhattan 10036
Zarina Abdykalykova Manhattan 10017-1706
Nurdaulet Akmolda Manhattan 10019-8402
Neumi Anekhe Manhattan 10037
Sayed Antar Cerpa Manhattan 10016-4727
Joe Aponte Manhattan 10033-8772
Kawthar Arroyo Manhattan 10029-4559
Lisa Asmussen Manhattan 10075-1673
Mark Atlan Manhattan 10010
Solveig Austvik Manhattan 10002-7277
Ine Ongre Autzen Manhattan 10075-1678
Maria Avila Manhattan 10001
Nuriia Batyrbekova Manhattan 10075-2392
Ly Diane Bedy Manhattan 10026-3924
Simonet Bennett Manhattan 10029-2102
Sara Emelie Nicole Bernsvall Manhattan 10030-2545
Hanne Bjelland Manhattan 10022-6224
Rebecca Bjork Manhattan 10009-2907
Alexander Bohm Manhattan 10022-8000
Aurora Brigham Manhattan 10036-4318
Melina Niue Brokmeier Manhattan 10019-1288
Jenny Bronseth Manhattan 10009-2338
Shakeyma Bronson Manhattan 10026-2371
Janleyda Burgos Manhattan 10033-1805
Anna Pauline Cabico Manhattan 10075-0681
Tyeshea Campbell Manhattan 10016-9112
Joseph Carcana Manhattan 10009-7135
Mustafa Ceylan Manhattan 10006-1700
Steven Chen Manhattan 10036-3483
Dae Sung Cho Manhattan 10018-2802
Hong Seok Choi Manhattan 10036-5312
Thomasina Cochran Manhattan 10029-6057
Amir Coren Manhattan 10128-4249
Fabian Correa Manhattan 10021-4790
Aaron Cox Manhattan 10029-4559
Helen Dagnew Manhattan 10016-2741
Maria Davydova Manhattan 10035-3834
Antony De Leon Manhattan 10034-4036
Raziel Diaz Manhattan 10033-7614
Tienina Dupree Manhattan 10029-6016
Erica Elliott Manhattan 10026-4346
Anniken Engelsen Manhattan 10001-1259
Suleyman Er Manhattan 10280-1017
Sophia Eriksson Manhattan 10029-3329
Stephany Ernest Manhattan 10030-3200
Hansel Fermin Manhattan 10029-4433
Kimberly Ferrer Manhattan 10023-7338
Dylan Follo Manhattan 10036-6353
Francine Foster Manhattan 10031-5211
Samantha Franqui Manhattan 10044-0136
Alice Frediani Manhattan 10128-5755
Mykel Gleez Manhattan 10032-1136
Mario Gonzalez Manhattan 10031-2253
Vladislav Gorishniy Manhattan 10017-7312
Ola Grue Manhattan 10075-0562
Marie Guldberg Manhattan 10002-7509
Evgeniia Guliaeva Manhattan 10040-3839
Minsu Ha Manhattan 10001-3875
Fredrik Haavi Manhattan 10024-3113
Caroline Hammeroe Manhattan 10009-2338
Celeste Handy Manhattan 10029-6852
Li He Manhattan 10282-1248
Berit Hoie Manhattan 10009-3310
Erika Holand Tosse Manhattan 10026-2709
Adina Issenzhulova Manhattan 10017-6881
Anthony Jack Manhattan 10032-7254
Ida Jahnsen Manhattan 10002-3410
Clara Johansson Manhattan 10010-5539
Melinda Joseph Manhattan 10039-3617
Alexandra Kadyakina Manhattan 10001
Emma Kaehr Manhattan 10075
Boyoung Kang Manhattan 10019-5312
Sunyoung Kang Manhattan 10022-6027
Manuela Kassoma Manhattan 10022-2818
Aksel Kastoryano Manhattan 10001-1242
Deborah Kim Manhattan 10031-7850
Cecilie Marie Kolderup Manhattan 10012-4651
Chemme Koluman Manhattan 10128-5626
Amanda Kongshaug Manhattan 10013-2686
Seiyoung Lee Manhattan 10018-6232
Solveig Lian Manhattan 10002-7277
Katharina Lie Manhattan 10009-3229
Ishannis Lopez Manhattan 10025-3373
Mariko Maeda Manhattan 10002-3450
Kodai Matsumoto Manhattan 10002-5415
Alexander Maurmann Manhattan 10019-5281
Maria Mendez Rodriguez Manhattan 10021-3966
Katherine Mercedes Manhattan 10034-1251
Victoria Mikalsen Sandstad Manhattan 10002-7390
Milagros Montanez Manhattan 10029-6313
Aimee Morales Manhattan 10009-6022
Katherine Narvaez Manhattan 10031-0708
Ngniabe Ndao Manhattan 10030-1566
Chi Nguyen Manhattan 10022-5254
Karianne Norland Manhattan 10002-7277
Cihan Onay Manhattan 10031-7428
Briana Ortega Manhattan 10031-5623
Eunsook Park Manhattan 10034
Pamela Paulino Manhattan 10032-5200
Ana Pavicevic Manhattan 10031-7507
Andrea Pettersen Manhattan 10028-4124
Chau Phan Manhattan 10016-3309
Latrice Phillipus Manhattan 10037-2341
Janet Phiri Manhattan 10001-8306
Krystel Pindi Manhattan 10039-3633
Laura Pinzon Manhattan 10016-5309
Emelie Raposo Andersson Manhattan 10030-2511
Isabelle Ringstad Manhattan 10027
Elizabeth Rodriguez Manhattan 10032-3458
Kevin Rosario Manhattan 10025-3374
Sahar Safavi Manhattan 10031-0708
Ersel Sensoy Manhattan 10280-1017
Beyjan Siklaroglu Manhattan 10006
Tanya Simmons Manhattan 10029-5052
Nina Sjoegren-Hoee Manhattan 10005
Sara Skaugrud Manhattan 10128-3716
Jerrod Spann Manhattan 10016
Loiy Tahboub Manhattan 10019-1633
Nina Tahrodi Lennartsson Manhattan 10029-3767
Mishell Tavarez Manhattan 10032-2200
Ivaylo Todorov Manhattan 10040-2325
Happiness Tugutu Manhattan 10044-1122
Lisa Josefine Andrea Valdmaa Manhattan 10018
Emelie Vallner Manhattan 10128
Erminda Victor Manhattan 10040-1064
Arantxa Vieira Alves Manhattan 10006-1542
Bengt Wennmark Manhattan 10075-1140
Adam White-Parsons Manhattan 10069
Hsueh-Ting Wu Manhattan 10019-5294
Xiaoxi Yan Manhattan 10018-5429
Madjed Zegrar Manhattan 10031-5837
Xinrong Zhao Manhattan 10044-1145


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