Manhattan Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

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Students from Manhattan, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Fall 2014 Quarter. 

“Congratulations to these students who have worked hard in their pursuit of academic excellence,” said Dario A. Cortes, PhD, President of Berkeley College. “This recognition of top-performing students sets a solid foundation for their future success.” 

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List. 

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,000 students – including more than 900 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. The College has three New York locations – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are six locations – Woodland Park, Paramus, Woodbridge, Newark, Clifton and Dover. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. Programs are offered in more than 20 career fields in the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies, and the School of Liberal Arts. The website address is

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First Last Borough Zip
Daniyar Akhmet Manhattan 10022-2357
Violeta Alekseyev Manhattan 10028-6345
Lisa Asmussen Manhattan 10009-1406
Solveig Austvik Manhattan 10002-7390
Ine Ongre Autzen Manhattan 10075-1678
Amina Bale Manhattan 10030-2684
Sara Emelie Nicole Bernsvall Manhattan 10029-7423
Andrea Bjarre Manhattan 10014-1550
Alexander Bohm Manhattan 10022-8000
Sara Borg Manhattan 10016-8547
Britta Boss Manhattan 10014-1009
Amanda Bostrom Manhattan 10003-9247
Sarah Celin Manhattan 10009-5262
Jenny Chang Manhattan 10031-4544
Atle Christensen Manhattan 10002-2317
Alessandro De Angelis Manhattan 10021-3722
Tung Doan Manhattan 10032
Virginia Elliott Manhattan 10003-4909
Malvina Erlandsson Manhattan 10019-5232
Annie Fernandez Manhattan 10026-3930
Karin Finnstrom Manhattan 10128-3812
Tonje Gjoerven Manhattan 10016-2741
Arleen Gonzalez Manhattan 10029-2121
Maja Sagmo Gudmundsen Manhattan 10009-2903
Lina Hagman Manhattan 10019-5634
Caroline Hammeroe Manhattan 10009-2338
Helena Hansen Manhattan 10075
Berit Hoie Manhattan 10009-3310
Min-Hsuan Hsieh Manhattan 10019-5294
Mohammed Ibrahim Manhattan 10011-5810
Andreas Ivehult Manhattan 10024
Ida Jahnsen Manhattan 10002
Clara Johansson Manhattan 10010-5539
Alexandra Kadyakina Manhattan 10027
Boyoung Kang Manhattan 10019-5312
Joao Paulo Kassoma Manhattan 10022-2818
Calvin Knie Manhattan 10013-3714
Cecilie Marie Kolderup Manhattan 10012-4651
Inger Lise Kvalvik Manhattan 10016-2741
Elisabeth Lampe Manhattan 10028-4124
Alexandra Kristin Larsson Manhattan 10011-3413
Dan Li Manhattan 10002-7065
Solveig Lian Manhattan 10002-7277
Alessandra Lippolis Manhattan 10128-5536
Xi Liu Manhattan 10003-4104
Kirsten Maple Manhattan 10030-3559
Eleanor McArthur Manhattan 10032
Marina Milberg Manhattan 10128-4000
Yosuke Murakami Manhattan 10014-5079
Becky Pak Manhattan 10018-1144
Huijeong Park Manhattan 10036
Eunsook Park Manhattan 10033-5537
Maria Pavan Manhattan 10016-4727
Chau Phan Manhattan 10016-3309
Krystel Pindi Manhattan 10039-3633
Emelie Raposo Andersson Manhattan 10030-2511
Adriana Rodriguez Manhattan 10026
Matthew Rodriguez Manhattan 10029-5815
Jesse Rudd Manhattan 10036-6800
Christian Saravia Manhattan 10023-4326
Rui Min Sim Manhattan 10016-8175
Tanya Simmons Manhattan 10029-5052
Anna Strindberg Manhattan 10030-2511
Lekisha Turner Manhattan 10027-4252
Malene Nygard Ullebo Manhattan 10028
Evelyn Uraga Manhattan 10033-3251
Emelie Vallner Manhattan 10128
Julie Vold Manhattan 10009-3310
Malin Wengelin Manhattan 10038-3646
Mattias Wennmark Manhattan 10075-1140
Thea Winsnes Manhattan 10002-3821
Malin Aamillom Manhattan 10011-3413
Sara Adolfsen Manhattan 10002-7558
Noa Agmon Manhattan 10010-2601
Felicia Akerstroem Manhattan 10036-6893
Nurdaulet Akmolda Manhattan 10019-8402
Ceren Aksoy Manhattan 10030-2008
Hanna Alexandersson Manhattan 10019-5634
Joe Aponte Manhattan 10024-2908
Alex Ayala Manhattan 10002-2036
Maria Ayala Manhattan 10044-1158
Yeira Baez Manhattan 10023-6409
Nuriia Batyrbekova Manhattan 10075-2392
Ly Diane Bedy Manhattan 10026-3924
Raymond Beltre Manhattan 10034-5238
Adele Benzaquen Manhattan 10026-1624
Vincent Bertolino Manhattan 10021-3798
Hilde Bjerkan Manhattan 10009-1611
Alitia Brathwaite Manhattan 10030-1211
Victoria Brekke Manhattan 10036-4318
Aurora Brigham Manhattan 10036-4318
Melina Niue Brokmeier Manhattan 10016-3801
Nana Egyimaa Buadu Manhattan 10017-1984
Aleksandra Bykadorova Manhattan 10016-3722
Gloria Castelblanco Manhattan 10019-3554
Eunseon Cho Manhattan 10018-6108
Thomasina Cochran Manhattan 10029-6057
Rafael Collins Manhattan 10033
Alexandra Cook Manhattan 10005-4228
Colin Corcoran Manhattan 10011-7205
Idrissa Desse Coulibaly Manhattan 10005-3161
Mariam Davitashvili Manhattan 10036-1150
Maria Davydova Manhattan 10035-3834
Katherine Del Valle Manhattan 10035-4547
Thanh Duy Do Manhattan 10044-1119
Yiran Duan Manhattan 10028-2992
Maria Ekenberger Manhattan 10003-5767
Carlota Ensenat Perez Manhattan 10018-5430
Sophia Eriksson Manhattan 10029-7423
Marie Evje Manhattan 10002-7390
Jennis Fiorentino Manhattan 10025-4521
Dylan Follo Manhattan 10036-6353
Francine Foster Manhattan 10031-5211
Alice Frediani Manhattan 10021-3722
Raquel Fulgham Manhattan 10044-1118
Mykel Gleez Manhattan 10032-1136
Glynda Goldman Manhattan 10035-1500
Ola Grue Manhattan 10075-0562
Ida Gundersen Manhattan 10036-2400
Fredrik Haavi Manhattan 10002-2270
Celeste Handy Manhattan 10029-6852
Saby Hedeman Manhattan 10282-1032
Julie Hoevik Manhattan 10018-5156
Xuanhao Hu Manhattan 10044-1128
Shanshan Huang Manhattan 10011
Ya-Ping Hung Manhattan 10011-7801
Zeshan Idris Manhattan 10036-8310
Adina Issenzhulova Manhattan 10017-6881
Solomon James Manhattan 10029-3814
Stephon Jennings Manhattan 10032-7506
Malin Johnsson Manhattan 10075-1275
Crystal Jones Manhattan 10029-4168
Joshua Jordan Manhattan 10031-8114
Melinda Joseph Manhattan 10039-3617
Junyoung Joung Manhattan 10016-0974
Emma Kaehr Manhattan 10009-1406
Yurika Kameyama Manhattan 10036-6872
Hedwig Kamras Manhattan 10019-1458
Oguzhan Karakaya Manhattan 10004-1213
Manuela Kassoma Manhattan 10022-2818
Rhean Kaula Manhattan 10025-5004
Mikaela Kidane Manhattan 10037
Jaewoong Kim Manhattan 10001-2415
Alexander Knudsen Manhattan 10005-2825
Camilla Sofie Kolderup Manhattan 10012-4651
Sara Lindgren Manhattan 10006
Matts Lindmark Manhattan 10016-2116
Ishannis Lopez Manhattan 10025-3373
Matthew Lyon Manhattan 10129
Nosizo Mahlangu Manhattan 10011-1788
Jose Marte Manhattan 10026
Jose Martinez Manhattan 10029-3843
Lina Maxe Manhattan 10009-4170
Galamaria Mendez Manhattan 10031-6031
Katherine Mercedes Manhattan 10040-1251
Victoria Mikalsen Sandstad Manhattan 10002-7390
Devon Moquete Manhattan 10002-3675
Angie Moran Manhattan 10040-1067
Irina Muskina Manhattan 10016-0960
Katherine Narvaez Manhattan 10031-0708
Jimena Nazif Manhattan 10032-7644
Eunhye No Manhattan 10016-5418
Karianne Norland Manhattan 10002-7390
Nora Oeyan Manhattan 10016-3321
Jean Charles Olagot Xu Manhattan 10018-5944
Cihan Onay Manhattan 10031-7428
Ana Isabel Paegler Grassa Manhattan 10004-2444
Latrice Phillipus Manhattan 10037-2341
Laura Pinzon Manhattan 10016-5309
Lavinia Preuss- Kuhne Manhattan 10016-8134
Isabelle Ringstad Manhattan 10024-3800
Rosa Rodriguez Manhattan 10038-1242
Kevin Rosario Manhattan 10025-3374
Trina Russell Manhattan 10025-2815
Erica Russell Manhattan 10025-2803
Sofia Saavedra Angel Manhattan 10028-1878
Cherelle Sample Manhattan 10030-2712
Tianhan Shi Manhattan 10003-6756
Beyjan Siklaroglu Manhattan 10006
Nina Sjoegren-Hoee Manhattan 10005
Sara Skaugrud Manhattan 10128-3716
Tiffany Small Manhattan 10039-3806
Amalie Sogge Manhattan 10038-3612
Jiho Song Manhattan 10001-2123
Xiaoting Sun Manhattan 10128-1647
Maja Sundberg Manhattan 10031-4171
Nina Tahrodi Lennartsson Manhattan 10029-3767
Katina Yakova Tancheva Manhattan 10023-4128
Susane Tran Manhattan 10040-3064
Julie Tronhuus Manhattan 10019
Mark Trujillo Manhattan 10010
Takeicia Tucker Manhattan 10029-4948
Marie Ulysse Manhattan 10039-3623
Josefine Walla Manhattan 10075-1134
Xiantong Wang Manhattan 10016-0133
Xiaoxi Yan Manhattan 10018-5429
Yang Yang Manhattan 10018-2598



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