Manhattan Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

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Director of Media Relations
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Students from Manhattan, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Fall 2015 Quarter. 

“I am so proud of these students for their hard work,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “The contributions of these high achievers make Berkeley College shine.”

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,300 students – including more than 700 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies and the School of Liberal Arts. The School of Graduate Studies offers a Master of Business Administration degree in Management online and in Woodland Park, NJ.


Berkeley College has three New York locations – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are six locations – Clifton, Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. In January 2016, U.S. News & World Report named Berkeley College one of the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Degrees for the third consecutive year.  The website address  

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Editor’s Note:  Attached is a PDF file containing the names of all Berkeley College President’s and Dean’s List students who reside in Manhattan. For your convenience, the file is separated into President’s List and Dean’s List, and within those categories arranged alphabetically by last name. If you are unable to open this file, please send a reply via e-mail, or call the Media Relations Department at the phone number listed above. Our students and their families are very proud of this accomplishment. We respectfully request that you print the names of the students who reside in your coverage area. Thank you for your consideration.

First Last Borough Zip
Felicia Akerstroem Manhattan 10023-7536
Deroux Alexander Manhattan 10027
Neumi Anekhe Manhattan 10030-3200
Lisa Asmussen Manhattan 10075-1673
Maria Belen Avila Terzo Manhattan 10001-5268
Josephine Baaro Manhattan 10044-1100
Pontus Brink Manhattan 10002-5067
Melina Niue Brokmeier Manhattan 10019-1288
Danielle Cerniello Manhattan 10016-6800
Steven Chen Manhattan 10036-3483
Amir Coren Manhattan 10128-4249
Jhon Correa Manhattan 10032-6809
Raziel Diaz Manhattan 10033-7614
Tung Doan Manhattan 10032
Maria Ekenberger Manhattan 10003-5767
Marie Evje Manhattan 10002-7390
Kimberly Ferrer Manhattan 10023-7338
Ann-Christin Franzen Manhattan 10029-6169
Gunn Helen Gaard Manhattan 10004-1053
Mario Gonzalez Manhattan 10031-2253
Ida Gundersen Manhattan 10035-2833
Andreas Ivehult Manhattan 10024-3113
Ida Jahnsen Manhattan 10002-3410
Clara Johansson Manhattan 10010-5539
Emma Kaehr Manhattan 10075
Dilora Kamalova Manhattan 10038-3627
Boyoung Kang Manhattan 10019-5312
Heeyoung Kang Manhattan 10019-5312
Rhean Kaula Manhattan 10025-5004
Ilya Kistankin Manhattan 10022-8907
Alexander Knudsen Manhattan 10029-3763
Amanda Kymmer Manhattan 10039-1823
Alexandra Kristin Larsson Manhattan 10001-6918
Chaerin Lee Manhattan 10031-7850
Dongwon Lee Manhattan 10031-7850
Sohee Lee Manhattan 10018
Natalie Loan Letran Manhattan 10039-1823
Solveig Lian Manhattan 10002-7277
Davinia Liew Manhattan 10011-2140
Matilda Lindberg Manhattan 10005-4215
Matthew Luc Manhattan 10010-6747
Johanna Lundholm Manhattan 10009
Yoscata Martinez Manhattan 10032-4626
Kallie McGrath Manhattan 10001-1809
Angie Moran Manhattan 10040-1067
Minami Moriuchi Manhattan 10017-5962
Jimena Nazif Manhattan 10032-7644
Nicholas Negron Manhattan 10025-7621
Nora Oeyan Manhattan 10016-3321
Maho Ota Manhattan 10023-7152
Maria Pavan Manhattan 10016-4727
Chau Phan Manhattan 10016-3309
Oswaldo Rabanal Manhattan 10032
Emelie Raposo Andersson Manhattan 10030-2511
Jhonattan Rodriguez Manhattan 10040-4709
Matthew Rodriguez Manhattan 10029-5815
Jennifer Scrignoli Bertoli Manhattan 10005-2029
Maria Staeger-Holst Manhattan 10009-1410
Ramona Stefani Manhattan 10003-5358
Anna Strindberg Manhattan 10030-2511
Jeong Woo Tak Manhattan 10001
Camelle Thomas Manhattan 10037-1523
Thea Winsnes Manhattan 10002-3821
Skylar Wolf Manhattan 10025-6831
Kia Yates Manhattan 10025-4405
Yifei Yin Manhattan 10001-3088
Mingquan Zhang Manhattan 10019-7675
Solveig Austvik Manhattan 10002-7277
Yeira Baez Manhattan 10023-6409
Claudine Barosy Manhattan 10030-3531
Nuriia Batyrbekova Manhattan 10075-2392
Naomi Bendu Manhattan 10009-4711
Amanda Berland Manhattan 10038-4703
Sara Emelie Nicole Bernsvall Manhattan 10030-2545
Carline Bicarie Manhattan 10026-2147
Hilde Bjerkan Manhattan 10009-1611
Alexander Bohm Manhattan 10022-8000
Sara Borg Manhattan 10128-3537
Victoria Brekke Manhattan 10036-4318
Jenny Bronseth Manhattan 10009-2338
Shakeyma Bronson Manhattan 10026-2371
Nana Egyimaa Buadu Manhattan 10017-1984
Janleyda Burgos Manhattan 10033-1805
Shawnta Bush Manhattan 10029-2019
Marian Cai Manhattan 10002-1934
Joseph Carcana Manhattan 10009-7135
Han Seung Chai Manhattan 10031-7850
Jenny Chang Manhattan 10031-4544
Kin Cheng Manhattan 10009-5543
Hae-Kyung Choi Manhattan 10036-6423
Thomasina Cochran Manhattan 10029-6057
Fabian Correa Manhattan 10021-4790
Jimmie Cortez Manhattan 10027-3342
Tracee Cotton Manhattan 10009-4441
Angela Domingo Manhattan 10019
Mina Ebil Manhattan 10019-3172
Carlota Ensenat Perez Manhattan 10018-5430
Malvina Erlandsson Manhattan 10019-5232
Collins Ezeala Manhattan 10116-7107
Jessica Feliciano-Ortiz Manhattan 10029-5148
Xiaoning Feng Manhattan 10032-2607
Hansel Fermin Manhattan 10029-4433
Christopher Fernandez Manhattan 10040-4311
Jennis Fiorentino Manhattan 10025-4521
Diana Foster Manhattan 10128-5739
Samantha Franqui Manhattan 10044-0136
Alice Frediani Manhattan 10128-5755
Sara Ghandour Manhattan 10019-3953
Arleen Gonzalez Manhattan 10029-2121
Ola Grue Manhattan 10075-0562
Marie Guldberg Manhattan 10002-7509
Evgeniia Guliaeva Manhattan 10036
Radhaysa Guzman Manhattan 10011-3819
Lina Hagman Manhattan 10019-5634
Celeste Handy Manhattan 10029-6852
Erika Holand Tosse Manhattan 10026-2709
Anatoly Ilinskiy Manhattan 10075-1076
Emmanuel Jimenez Manhattan 10035-3018
Monica Johns Manhattan 10029-4846
SungSin Kang Manhattan 10128-6711
Oguzhan Karakaya Manhattan 10001
Lisa Karlstrom Manhattan 10032-1743
Manuela Kassoma Manhattan 10022-2818
Mikaela Kidane Manhattan 10032-7644
Juhyun Kim Manhattan 10017-7611
Tugce Kocali Manhattan 10001-3194
Camilla Sofie Kolderup Manhattan 10012-4651
Kristina Krutina Manhattan 10038-2817
Nicholas Lindo Manhattan 10026-3830
Alessandra Lippolis Manhattan 10128
Lamine Loco Manhattan 10026-3362
Ishannis Lopez Manhattan 10025-3373
Mariko Maeda Manhattan 10002-3450
Noemi Mania Manhattan 10022-3614
Isaura Martinez Manhattan 10034-6036
Kodai Matsumoto Manhattan 10002-5415
Alexander Maurmann Manhattan 10019-5281
David McDonald Manhattan 10039-3701
Rahil Mehra Manhattan 10038-3898
Sergio Mendoza Manhattan 10033-8049
Victoria Mikalsen Sandstad Manhattan 10002-7390
Carolyn Molina Manhattan 10031-7151
Thea Mork Manhattan 10002
Estephany Moronta Manhattan 10033-3108
Brandon Moseley Manhattan 10001-5814
Adriana Neri-Desiderio Manhattan 10027-7604
Oscar Neri-Desiderio Manhattan 10027-7604
Karianne Norland Manhattan 10002-7277
Emilia Nygren Manhattan 10031-4405
Jajaira Pagan Manhattan 10032-7210
Cynthia Palanca Smith Manhattan 10033-7364
Nerika Palhares Manhattan 10022-2818
Eunsook Park Manhattan 10034
Andrea Pettersen Manhattan 10028-4124
Latrice Phillipus Manhattan 10037-2341
Monica Powell Manhattan 10035-2353
Elizabeth Rodriguez Manhattan 10032-3458
Rosa Rodriguez Manhattan 10038-1242
Umedjon Saidov Manhattan 10036-4315
Christian Saravia Manhattan 10023-4326
Kelly Sebagh Manhattan 10016-0953
Ella Sherif Manhattan 10039-1823
Tiffany Small Manhattan 10039-3806
Keana Soerboe Manhattan 10039-1823
Rattandeep Somal Manhattan 10028-2838
Mishell Tavarez Manhattan 10032-2200
Ivaylo Todorov Manhattan 10040-2325
Julie Tronhuus Manhattan 10019-5634
Lisa Josefine Andrea Valdmaa Manhattan 10018
Erminda Victor Manhattan 10040-1064
Arantxa Vieira Alves Manhattan 10006-1542
Yvonne Weldingh Manhattan 10009-3310
Demetrius Williams Manhattan 10025-5020
Thera Tengesdal Wodstrup Manhattan 10030-2545
Verlenia Wrensford Manhattan 10027-7845
Huishuang Wu Manhattan 10001
Jing Zong Xu Manhattan 10018-5944
Kelly Young Manhattan 10128-5372
Melquawn Young Manhattan 10029-0111
Usama Young Manhattan 10037-1311
Rikke Ytreland Manhattan 10009-8014
Jang Geun Yun Manhattan 10001-3508
Ying Zhang Manhattan 10016-4635
Jing Zhou Manhattan 10001-4796
Yuanjie Zhuo Manhattan 10002-7000


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