In Their Words, Remarks from “Women in Media, The Courage to Own Your Story” at Berkeley College in Manhattan, NY, October 18, 2017





Remarks from “Women in Media: The Courage to Own Your Story”
At Berkeley College in Manhattan, NY, October 18


“In this moment women can make a real impact through the use of media – sharing our stories, working together to find solutions, and raising awareness simply by saying #MeToo. I’m not going to shut up anytime soon, and you shouldn’t either.”

- Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo


“This event is about individuals who have written their own stories, taken charge of their own destiny. In the news, we hear a lot about issues regarding men and their behaviors. Now is the time for leadership and to discuss this issue.”

- Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College


More than ever, we need to amplify women’s voices to impact change. Berkeley College is a place where important conversations like these can continue.”
- Angela Harrington, Vice President, Communications and External Relations, Berkeley College


“Always believe in yourself. Set high standards and be proud of successful milestones. Most of all, surround yourself with positive people.”

- Dena Bateh, PhD, Professor, Management, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business®;


“Women need to lift women up, and not claw their way to the top.”

- Marla Diamond, Reporter and Anchor, WCBS Newsradio 880


“I have been in organizations where I did not want to speak up because I felt I was too low on the totem pole. It’s important to be a part of an organization where you feel you’ll be heard.”

- Jenna Flanagan, Host/Reporter, “MetroFocus,” WLIW21 for WNET


“I found the courage to fight against the guilt and stigma that I felt for choosing to be a working mom in an industry that is still very much male-dominated. 17 years later, it is still the best decision I ever made.”

- Bernadine Han, Group Vice President, Spectrum Networks


“What gives me courage to succeed is confidence in myself/my abilities, never compromising my integrity, following my gut, not being afraid, speaking my mind/asking tough questions and asking for help when I need it.”

- Jill Kaplan, Vice President and Publisher, Crain’s New York Business


“I would not be where I am today if without the courage to speak up, take risks and ask questions.”

- Cristyne Nicholas, CEO, Nicholas & Lence Communications


“Other people’s courage - to fight injustice, stand up for the less fortunate, speak truth to power, battle hatred, build community - created opportunities for me to prosper. Courage has allowed me to try scary new things, carve out my own path and live with few regrets.”

- Hilary Russ, Public Finance Reporter, Reuters


“The more stories you read, the more empowered you are to tell your own.”

- Monica C. Smith, CEO and Founder, Marketsmith, Inc.


“Courage has given me the strength and audacity to face life’s challenges head on.”

- Gail Smith, Managing Director, Impacto Latino


“Courage has empowered choices that matter in my personal and professional lives, defining my voice and calibrating my character. Not being afraid to take the unconventional path and speak from an unpopular viewpoint has helped me appreciate perspectives different from my own, modify my opinions with new knowledge and practice the art of constructive disagreement.”

- Angie Tang, Board Trustee, Berkeley College, and Impact Investing Advisor


“A former boss once said, ‘If you don’t promote yourself, who will?’ Gaining courage allowed me to believe in myself, and my ability to tell other people’s stories.”

- Christal Young, Fashion Correspondent, “Good Day New York,” FOX 5 New York


“We write our own stories because Berkeley College gives us the pen, blank sheets of paper, and the time and care to create something worth writing down, including events like this are so important to our students as we network, and learn about the best practices for women and entrepreneurs everywhere.”

- Kallie McGrath, Berkeley College student




“Lifelong learning and the ability to accept change have helped me be successful in my career.  I studied for the Doctoral Program after I experienced career success. It is also important to have the courage to ask questions.”

- Elana Zolfo, EdD, Dean, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business®



“Courage is everything and the main reason for my success today. I rely on courage when I reach out to new employers, when I stand in front of a group of unemployed people who need hope and support, and when I remind myself that I can make an impact and that my ‘introverted personality’ is visible only to me. I need the courage daily to step out of my comfort zone so that I can assist others. Courage gives me my voice.”

- Amy Soricelli, Vice President, Career Services, Berkeley College


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