Elayne McClaine, Regional Director, New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers New Brunswick





Elayne McClaine
Regional Director, New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Rutgers New Brunswick


Elayne P. McClaine has been with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center since 2005. She has delivered workshops and seminars such as Business Planning and Strategic Planning; Global Expansion; Franchising; Marketing and Business Valuation. Ms. McClaine has also been involved in building a strong relationship and collaborating with the Center’s host, Rutgers Business School.


Ms. McClaine has extensive experience as a licensed Business Broker organizing the sales, purchases and valuations of small- and mid-sized businesses. She is a contributing author and industry expert for several publications.


Ms. McClaine is a leader in launching and repositioning businesses and a variety of consumer brands both domestically and globally. As an entrepreneur and CEO of ESME Market Specialists, she developed Management Consulting practice with a focus on marketing communications, business and economic development, business valuation and strategic planning. She has been awarded two U.S. patents and has received recognition from the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing leadership. In 2016, she received the 2016 Odyssey International Small Business Excellence Award.


Ms. McClaine holds an MBA in Finance from Regis University and a BA in Economics.



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