Christal Young, Fashion Correspondent, FOX5 New York





Christal Young
Fashion Correspondent, FOX5 New York


Christal Young reports on Fashion, Food and Pop Culture Trends for WNYW Fox 5. She worked her way through the ranks, starting as a Production Assistant, fresh out of college. Eventually she mastered the skills of writing and producing. As a reporter, Ms. Young hosts the Emmy-nominated segment “Where’d You Get That?” Each week she combs the city in search of stylish clothing and accessories. She can also be seen in the new Fox 5 segment “In the Neighborhood,” which takes a fun, informative look at communities in the Big Apple. When it comes to her story choices, she’s most interested in documenting interesting people doing interesting things.

Also a serious foodie, Ms. Young enjoys whipping up gourmet meals in her kitchen and testing recipes for her new cookbook. Travel is another passion, so you just may find her crossing the international date line on her way to a far away, exotic locale.

Ms. Young holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English Literature from Brockport State University.


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