Brooklyn Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

Contact: Ilene Greenfield
Director of Media Relations
973-278-5400, ext. 1-5122





Students from Brooklyn in Kings County, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Spring 2016 Quarter. 

“I am so proud of these students for their hard work,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “The contributions of these high achievers make Berkeley College shine.”

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,300 students – including more than 700 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business®, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies and the School of Liberal Arts. The School of Graduate Studies offers a Master of Business Administration degree in Management online and in Woodland Park, NJ.

Berkeley College has three New York campuses – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are five campuses – Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. In 2016, U.S. News & World Report named Berkeley College among the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Programs and among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans, both for the third consecutive year. The website address is

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Editor’s Note: Attached is a PDF file containing the names of all Berkeley College President’s and Dean’s List students who reside in Brooklyn. For your convenience, the file is separated into President’s List and Dean’s List, and within those categories arranged alphabetically by last name. If you are unable to open this file, please send a reply via e-mail, or call the Media Relations Department at the phone number listed above. Our students and their families are very proud of this accomplishment. We respectfully request that you print the names of the students who reside in your coverage area. Thank you for your consideration.

First Last Borough Zip
Phares Abed Bidzoba Brooklyn 11210-2148
Lila Albassam Brooklyn 11214-4402
Malinda Alexander Brooklyn 11208-4802
James Arnold Brooklyn 11249-2006
Tina Bruce Brooklyn 11204-4872
Andrea Bunting Brooklyn 11226-5459
Donica Butler Brooklyn 11212
Carolyn Charles Brooklyn 11226-1954
Bibi Chowdhury Brooklyn 11221
Yarixa Cordero Brooklyn 11222-5716
Andriana Daziel Brooklyn 11226-2549
Eunice Deshields Brooklyn 11208-5620
Lamine Diallo Brooklyn 11236-3315
Bintou Darang Dibba Brooklyn 11221-3771
Jennifer Dise Brooklyn 11233-1018
Brianna Douglas Brooklyn 11203-1314
Shanice Drummonds Brooklyn 11212-4441
Ayesha Dutchin-Pearce Brooklyn 11212-5830
Amanda Ekornes Brooklyn 11201
Anniken Engelsen Brooklyn 11206-6002
Emilia Esser Brooklyn 11233-1018
Carline Farrier Brooklyn 11226-5158
Elizabeth Fedna Brooklyn 11203-3225
Manessa Fleury Brooklyn 11236-4224
Helen Forrester Brooklyn 11219-3347
Yamel Frias Brooklyn 11216-1053
Brian Gay-Glover Brooklyn 11233-1009
Maxene Griffiths Brooklyn 11207-8908
Roxanne Harley Brooklyn 11233-4409
Darnella Harris Brooklyn 11221-2028
Shauna Hereford Brooklyn 11224-1601
Elisa Hung Mei Brooklyn 11223-2442
Elena Ivantsova Brooklyn 11214
Sandra James Brooklyn 11226-4884
Leo Jefferson Brooklyn 11234-4203
Anthony Johnson Brooklyn 11212-5745
Linden Johnson Brooklyn 11208-0013
Paulette Johnson Brooklyn 11233-2046
Trevor Kearney Brooklyn 11233-2248
Janina Klahold Brooklyn 11205-5618
John Kosmo Brooklyn 11206-2555
Kerina Legrand Brooklyn 11226-9608
Xiao Wei Li Brooklyn 11228-3412
Mujtaba Liaquit Brooklyn 11214-2306
Robin Lindberg Nilsson Brooklyn 11231-1843
Nathalie Loevseth Brooklyn 11226-3533
Milangely Lopez Brooklyn 11221-2707
Monica Lozano Brooklyn 11218-1977
Caitlin MacLellan Brooklyn 11228-1707
Heather Mastowski Brooklyn 11235-2720
Elizabeth Mcgowan Brooklyn 11233-1950
Raymond Mentor Brooklyn 11236-4224
Kadesha Modeste Brooklyn 11207-4425
Elisa Moller Brooklyn 11221-2843
Dion Moore Brooklyn 11203-1813
Kristie Nunez Brooklyn 11223-1409
Na'imah Odwin Brooklyn 11212-4350
Bolutife Ogunsuyi Brooklyn 11233-2612
Kenton Ollivierre Brooklyn 11208-4444
Gori Onisarotu Brooklyn 11203-2609
Kayode Pilgrim Brooklyn 11236-4631
Valeriya Pyatchits Brooklyn 11204-3336
Jackie Radix Brooklyn 11212-3440
Shakim Richardson Brooklyn 11208-4912
Michael Roach Brooklyn 11209-7424
Damien Rodriguez Brooklyn 11237-3258
Noshi Rubashvili Brooklyn 11230-6820
Nora Sandahl Brooklyn 12226
Deniz Sezer Brooklyn 11221-4860
Geneva Smith Brooklyn 11213-1726
Stefan Smith Brooklyn 11203-2411
Jeannelle Thibou Brooklyn 11207-1424
Stephanie Thompson Brooklyn 11203-5915
Nguyen Trang Brooklyn 11209-2425
Kerry Tyrell Brooklyn 11207-4332
Ointya Ulacia-Oliver Brooklyn 11213-2035
Najeree Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040
Rajiv Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040
Toshonie Warner Brooklyn 11233-2112
Malin Wengelin Brooklyn 11211-3291
Susan Wong Brooklyn 11236-3020
Samantha Wu Brooklyn 11221-1003
Shanique Wyllie Brooklyn 11210-3355
Victoria Yavnyi Brooklyn 11249-4013
Kimberly Acevedo Brooklyn 11220-1444
Sharmaine Adams-James Brooklyn 11203-3717
Chiffon Adamson Brooklyn 11225-4310
Tharwat Alkiswani Brooklyn 11209-7840
Ricardo Allen Brooklyn 11226-1581
Zanifer Andrews Brooklyn 11207-4925
Ashley Armstrong Brooklyn 11203-1814
Onika Ashton Brooklyn 11226-7503
Brandi Baines Brooklyn 11207-4125
Michelene Barrington Brooklyn 11207-6724
Tricia Barrow Brooklyn 11216-2203
Aprill Bates Brooklyn 11207-4415
Paula Billups Brooklyn 11208-2127
Krichell Blair Brooklyn 11210-4281
Yasin Bond Brooklyn 11216-2070
Brandy Brown Brooklyn 11226-1868
Artrice Burnside Brooklyn 11238-4693
LaDale Cadogan Brooklyn 11207-1023
Paul Carram Brooklyn 11208-3026
Silvia Castellanos Brooklyn 11208-1227
Akini Celestine Brooklyn 11203-4454
Zakyna Cheatham Brooklyn 11221-3010
Brittany Chin Brooklyn 11203-5730
Kenneth Chisolm Brooklyn 11209-8516
Derrickar Codrington Brooklyn 11203-4604
Evelyn Comb Brooklyn 11212-5706
Jonell Conway Brooklyn 11236
Carisa Craig Brooklyn 11238-1722
Nicole Crew Brooklyn 11221-4103
Nino Dabrundashvili Brooklyn 11214-5201
Farhan Dar Brooklyn 11204-3154
Sergio Dargenio Brooklyn 11228
Brittany Davis Brooklyn 11216-5386
Francis Deravens Brooklyn 11226-8073
Princess Deshields Brooklyn 11225-2554
Kalip Dewalt Brooklyn 11212-6809
Helene Serina Djonne-Stuve Brooklyn 11230-4717
Shakeia Downing Brooklyn 11212-1733
Jennifer Ellison Brooklyn 11226-8919
Sophia Eriksson Brooklyn 11216-1802
Gisselle Espinal Brooklyn 11206-4353
Edris Falana Brooklyn 11223
Ndeye Fall Brooklyn 11207-1025
Terry Flemming Brooklyn 11208-2132
Melissa Florus Brooklyn 11234-1911
Anthoine Fontaine Brooklyn 11226-6408
Jean Carlos Francisco Brooklyn 11217-2627
Natsumi Fukuda Brooklyn 11206-7021
Gina Georges Brooklyn 11229-5449
Dustine Gladstone Brooklyn 11221-3630
Shamiel Glasgow Brooklyn 11207-5311
Ataba Gomez Brooklyn 11217-1115
Valeria Gonzalez Brooklyn 11213-3749
Karim Gordon Brooklyn 11226-3062
Marlena Graham Brooklyn 11212-6068
Benthly Gregoire Brooklyn 11229-5407
David Grimes Brooklyn 11238-2891
Viktoria Gvozdik Brooklyn 11214-2468
Michelle Gwynn Brooklyn 11207-7107
Ronald Hall Brooklyn 11203-2545
Lisa Halvorsen Brooklyn 11216-1002
Kristina Haney Brooklyn 11216-5316
Josephine Harper Brooklyn 11236-1336
Tasha Harris Brooklyn 11212-3374
Hector Henriquez Brooklyn 11221-3136
John Henry Brooklyn 11207-6604
Nicholas Henry Brooklyn 11226-1483
Tanisha Henry Brooklyn 11238-3208
Sara Ho Brooklyn 11205-3068
Monifah Hylton Brooklyn 11210-2532
Anatoly Ilinskiy Brooklyn 11206-5315
Emiko Iwatsuki Brooklyn 11218-3012
Kevin Jacewicz Brooklyn 11222-3930
Tiana James Brooklyn 11221
Leslie Janvier Brooklyn 11234-2817
Niasha John Brooklyn 11207-3703
Chendru Johnson Brooklyn 11234-1622
Floretta Johnson Brooklyn 11207-6101
Sashen Johnson Brooklyn 11203-1950
Charles Jones Brooklyn 11213-1003
Ziassa Jordan Brooklyn 11226-5530
Bayonne Kali-Tchiyembi Brooklyn 11216-1006
Andrey Karaev Brooklyn 11215-1117
Jill Kerr Brooklyn 11218-3362
Calvin Knie Brooklyn 11225-4821
Irina Kogan Brooklyn 11223-6217
Adelisa Kolenovic Brooklyn 11213-6032
Valeriya Krukovskaya Brooklyn 11214-3536
Sizolwethu Kunene Brooklyn 11208-3204
Ashanti Lawrence Brooklyn 11205-4002
Shanee Lennon-Moore Brooklyn 11226-7809
Diana Lopez Brooklyn 11226-5091
Evette Lopez Brooklyn 11207-1020
Justin Lopez Brooklyn 11205-2734
Tanya Lopez Brooklyn 11233-2764
Chyna Lowers Brooklyn 11234
Tiffany Luquis Brooklyn 11208-4205
Hue Ly Brooklyn 11232-4003
Ahmad El Maadawy Brooklyn 11204-3824
Juanita Mack Brooklyn 11206-5253
Kristina Manuntseva Brooklyn 11235-5412
Tatiana Mcclellan Brooklyn 11212-5473
Anthony Mcglashan Brooklyn 11207-7013
Tabeel Mejia Brooklyn 11208-2006
Patrice Melton Brooklyn 11207-9103
Vazha Menteshashvili Brooklyn 11214-2002
Massiah Merritt Brooklyn 11205-4439
Ruth Milius Brooklyn 11208-4514
Diandre Miller Brooklyn 11203-4201
Hope Mitchell Brooklyn 11213-3289
Youseline Monfort Brooklyn 11226-3799
Gail Morris Brooklyn 11226-5916
Megumi Nakamura Brooklyn 11207-1630
Kyaw Nanda Brooklyn 11204-5616
Argisht Nazare Brooklyn 11206-5656
Ashlei Neal Brooklyn 11216-3394
Roberto Nelson Brooklyn 11210-4139
Miguel Angel Nieves Brooklyn 11212-7244
Ewelina Nodtveidt Brooklyn 11222
Justin Nunez Brooklyn 11234-2938
Jose Oceguera Brooklyn 11221-3409
Emilia Ohrberg Brooklyn 11226
Sandra Olofsson Brooklyn 11206-4015
Jazmin Orengo Brooklyn 11237-2940
Michael Pabon Brooklyn 11237-6436
Isabela Paiewonsky Brooklyn 11206-1328
Natividad Pena Brooklyn 11211-4565
Julian Phillips Brooklyn 11234-1911
Nadira Pittman Brooklyn 11226-9424
Marisa Poyser Brooklyn 11208-3211
Andria Prescott Brooklyn 11210-3427
Jacinda Quinones Brooklyn 11220-5003
Tonasia Quinones Brooklyn 11229-5515
Keon Ratoo Brooklyn 11225-5905
Jakai Reid Brooklyn 11236-4116
Jonathan Reyes Brooklyn 11208-4912
Joan Richards Brooklyn 11203-2822
Ayanna Riviere-Benjamin Brooklyn 11203-3623
Luzmila Rodriguez Brooklyn 11212-8116
Mandy Roman Brooklyn 11221-5302
Leanna Rose Brooklyn 11207-3503
Ashley Saint Louis Brooklyn 11226-1904
Sirena Saleh Brooklyn 11221-3062
Hanna Sander Brooklyn 11221-5834
Ernest Scott Brooklyn 11207-6610
Amarelis Sealey Brooklyn 11236-5428
Daquan Seymour Brooklyn 11226-2381
Bronwen Shakespeare Brooklyn 11206-5726
Sade Simon Brooklyn 11234-5406
Hedmanuel Soto Brooklyn 11231-4002
Karoline Steinsnes Brooklyn 11237-2426
Julia Sterling Brooklyn 11208-2425
Anthony Stewart Brooklyn 11207-1921
Shaniqua Sylvester Brooklyn 11226-5106
Manola Talbert Brooklyn 11213-4405
Jintao Tan Brooklyn 11204-5076
Ifetayo Thom Brooklyn 11234
Cleon Thomas Brooklyn 11210-2652
Shanyste Thomas Brooklyn 11203-4447
Tamara Thomas Brooklyn 11233-3933
Michelle Traverso Brooklyn 11206-3603
Reginald Umpthery Brooklyn 11238-2404
Francine Urano Brooklyn 11218-1114
Shakisha Vaughan Brooklyn 11231-3226
Delilah Vaughn Torres Brooklyn 11213-4587
Yolly Vidal Brooklyn 11206-5167
Hilario Villafana Brooklyn 11221-2282
Bernick Voltaire Brooklyn 11236-2617
Kimberly Vyent-Goodluck Brooklyn 11213-2435
Shada Washington Brooklyn 11208-6013
Shannon Wilkenson Brooklyn 11236-1212
Loi Williams Brooklyn 11224-1860
Faith Worrell Caceres Brooklyn 11231-3219
Sitora Yokubova Brooklyn 11228-1611
Yepeng Zhao Brooklyn 11214-4906


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