Brooklyn Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

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Students from Brooklyn in Kings County, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Spring 2015 Quarter. 

“I am so proud of these students for their hard work,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “The contributions of these high achievers make Berkeley College shine.” 

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,000 students – including more than 900 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies, the School of Liberal Arts, and the School of Graduate Studies, which will begin offering a Master of Business Administration degree in Management in September 2015.

Berkeley College has three New York locations – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are six locations – Clifton, Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. In January 2015, U.S. News & World Report named Berkeley College one of the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Degrees for the second consecutive year.  The website address

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First Last Borough Zip
Dilorom Abdugafurova Brooklyn 11224-2443
Maya Afruzi Brooklyn 11219-6349
Lila Albassam Brooklyn 11214-4402
Roseline Amusu-Garcia Brooklyn 11223-1523
James Arnold Brooklyn 11221-3496
Adele Benzaquen Brooklyn 11225-5743
Krichell Blair Brooklyn 11208-3912
Kendra Brown Brooklyn 11208-4023
Andrea Bunting Brooklyn 11226-5459
Tyler Burton Brooklyn 11203-5935
Omar Cruz Brooklyn 11224-1652
Nino Dabrundashvili Brooklyn 11214-5201
Alessandro De Angelis Brooklyn 11211-4408
Quintin De Castro Brooklyn 11225-3261
Betty Escobar Brooklyn 11209-1937
Jasmin Espinal Brooklyn 11211-4554
Elizabeth Fedna Brooklyn 11203-3225
Jeremy Gonzalez Brooklyn 11207-6426
Alisonia Griffith Brooklyn 11225-1522
Maxene Griffiths Brooklyn 11207-8908
Patricia Guzman Brooklyn 11207-1147
Ingrid Heier Brooklyn 11205-3216
Antonio Hilerio Brooklyn 11228-2639
Minyi Huang Brooklyn 11219-6231
Kevin Jacewicz Brooklyn 11222-3930
Yvonne Job Brooklyn 11236-4521
Alison Joseph Brooklyn 11238-6822
Albert Joseph Brooklyn 11203-6508
Steven Keating Brooklyn 11209-2034
Calvin Knie Brooklyn 11225-4821
Sheila Letang Brooklyn 11216-1017
Angela Leung Brooklyn 11214-6605
Mujtaba Liaquit Brooklyn 11214-2306
Rudniqua Lyons Brooklyn 11205-1732
Christiana Marah Brooklyn 11216-2506
Paul Matthew Brooklyn 11233-2607
Ivan Mgaloblishvili Brooklyn 11210-5049
Marissa Mia Brooklyn 11235
Patricia Moise Brooklyn 11207-8507
Kelly Montoya Brooklyn 11226-4339
Consuelo Munoz Brooklyn 11233-4303
David Pineda Brooklyn 11208-3022
Taasha Ramsay Brooklyn 11236-5123
Yi Ruan Brooklyn 11238-5813
Charlotte Rustand Brooklyn 11205-4981
Nora Sandahl Brooklyn 11221-2206
Mouhamadou Sarr Brooklyn 11207-3527
Ganna Smal Brooklyn 11209-7257
Fatima Small Brooklyn 11216-4004
Stefan Smith Brooklyn 11203-2411
Hedmanuel Soto Brooklyn 11231-4002
Samanta Stanton Brooklyn 11212-4147
Nguyen Trang Brooklyn 11209-2425
Chubak Ulan Uulu Brooklyn 11229-1224
Muhammad Umair Brooklyn 11214-6317
Hilario Villafana Brooklyn 11221-2282
Kimberly Vyent-Goodluck Brooklyn 11213-2435
Victoria Walters Brooklyn 11212
Andre Williams Brooklyn 11221-2802
Susan Wong Brooklyn 11236-3020
Hasani Worme Brooklyn 11210-1610
Shaocong Wu Brooklyn 11204-5141
Wasima Abdush-Shahid Brooklyn 11233-3671
Kimberly Acevedo Brooklyn 11220-1444
Mckendy Alestin Brooklyn 11234-3905
Malinda Alexander Brooklyn 11208-4802
Adriana Amankwa Brooklyn 11225-6006
Hanna Andersson Brooklyn 11201
Alberto Arguello Brooklyn 11226
Laurencia Aurelus Brooklyn 11203-2811
Tricia Barrow Brooklyn 11216-2203
Carol Bascom-Philips Brooklyn 11233-2788
Lamar Baucom Brooklyn 11239-2105
Alma Bauta Brooklyn 11229-4368
Leslie Bini Brooklyn 11213-5727
Yasin Bond Brooklyn 11216-2070
Alisha Branch Brooklyn 11212-3047
Joeanna Brown-Pusey Brooklyn 11203-4828
Melissa Calixte Brooklyn 11210-3504
Stefany Camacho Brooklyn 11221-5071
Lisa Caruso Brooklyn 11204-5754
Silvia Castellanos Brooklyn 11208-1227
Jean-Frantz Cazeau Brooklyn 11226-7823
Andrea Charbel Brooklyn 11209-5025
Katrina Chau Brooklyn 11214-4202
Cynthia Chery Brooklyn 11234-1124
Derrickar Codrington Brooklyn 11207-7204
Renee Constable Brooklyn 11212-5706
Colin Corcoran Brooklyn 11209-4910
Kirsis Cuello Brooklyn 11231-2056
Natalie De Jesus Brooklyn 11208-2521
Jossyel Delance Brooklyn 11208-5530
Roumelia Dentcheva Brooklyn 11211-6278
Kohiin Desravines Brooklyn 11218-1704
Lamine Diallo Brooklyn 11236-3315
Rodnesha Diamond Brooklyn 11208-3611
Natalie Diaz Brooklyn 11217-2082
Itzamary Dominguez Brooklyn 11206-4052
Brianna Douglas Brooklyn 11203-1314
Shakeia Downing Brooklyn 11212-1733
Evgeniia Ermurateva Brooklyn 11220-5058
Edgar Espinal Brooklyn 11210-1536
Robert Espinal Brooklyn 11208-2329
Edris Falana Brooklyn 11230
Juliet Farinha Brooklyn 11236-2864
Candice Fields Brooklyn 11221-2803
Julissa Figueroa Brooklyn 11211-6500
Juan Flores Brooklyn 11237-5541
Rojay Foote Brooklyn 11236-3309
Kenyetta Forcey Brooklyn 11238
Mecca Forrest Brooklyn 11225-2613
Juan Franco Brooklyn 11209-8528
Shavaughn Frazer Brooklyn 11236-4704
Elina Gelfenboym Brooklyn 11235-8034
Christina Georges Brooklyn 11206-6976
Mehmet Geyik Brooklyn 11222-1855
Yanilda Gomez Brooklyn 11207-3606
Karim Gordon Brooklyn 11226-3062
Lakyba Grace Brooklyn 11221-2119
Gerald Grant Brooklyn 11207-6605
Eboni Greene Brooklyn 11206-5931
Ronald Hall Brooklyn 11203-2545
Malin Hatlestad Brooklyn 11215-6058
Tiphany Hill Brooklyn 11212-3372
Nicolas Hodel Brooklyn 11207-1217
Milkallie Hodge Brooklyn 11215-5381
Latasha Hyman Brooklyn 11206-7409
Yunus Isik Brooklyn 11222-1855
Elena Ivantsova Brooklyn 11230-3939
Emiko Iwatsuki Brooklyn 11218-3012
Tiffany-Marie James Brooklyn 11203-3024
Tiana James Brooklyn 11221-4205
Adale Jean-Noel Brooklyn 11236-4763
Maja Johansen Brooklyn 11206-6131
Ziassa Jordan Brooklyn 11226
Cordellar Julien Brooklyn 11210-1866
Ruth Kaplan Brooklyn 11215-2844
Kesiah Kelly Brooklyn 11210-4323
Linda Kernisant Brooklyn 11203-1503
Linda Kheng Brooklyn 11215-6533
Jennifer Knight Brooklyn 11226-2787
Khaliyah Lee-Campbell Brooklyn 11236-2829
Xiao Wei Li Brooklyn 11228-3412
Zhenxing Li Brooklyn 11209-2403
Chelsea Lima Brooklyn 11215-6438
Jing Liu Brooklyn 11232-3703
Trichelle Liverpool Brooklyn 11233-4718
Natasha Logan Brooklyn 11238-2071
Tanya Lopez Brooklyn 11233-2764
Milangely Lopez Brooklyn 11221-2707
Rose Mambu Lulendo Brooklyn 11225-4958
Erick Magangi Brooklyn 11212-4729
Anna Malyavina Brooklyn 11230-5001
Chanelle Mark Brooklyn 11207-2011
Rochell Mason Brooklyn 11212-3236
Patrice Melton Brooklyn 11207-9103
Sanders Mendez Brooklyn 11237-1619
Michelle Merced Brooklyn 11207-1911
Shuvelle Mills Brooklyn 11213-5046
Christopher Mitchell Brooklyn 11238-4698
Marecia Moe Brooklyn 11203-4827
Keasha Morton Brooklyn 11233-1234
Sofia Mounir Brooklyn 11210-2355
Margaret Murray Brooklyn 11225-4615
Argisht Nazare Brooklyn 11206-5656
Raushanah Negron Brooklyn 11212-4754
Tuyen Nguyen Brooklyn 11204-4136
Justin Nunez Brooklyn 11234-2938
Emilia Ohrberg Brooklyn 11221-5833
Ijeoma Opara Brooklyn 11208-4716
Kelli Owens Brooklyn 11226-5202
Renee Penny Brooklyn 11226-6167
Ronald Perdomo Brooklyn 11208-2259
Kayode Pilgrim Brooklyn 11236-4631
Ariel Prenderville Brooklyn 11222-3601
Tonasia Quinones Brooklyn 11229-5515
Lesbia Quintanilla Brooklyn 11208-3023
Edward Rivera Brooklyn 11208-1376
Janique Roach Brooklyn 11217-2813
Erica Rodriguez Brooklyn 11211
Ariel Ross Brooklyn 11213-3917
Carolina Santana Brooklyn 11207-1713
Aqsa Shabir Brooklyn 11229-4022
Shayla Shepherd Brooklyn 11207-4636
Abisola Shonde Brooklyn 11225-5110
Doodnauth Singh Brooklyn 11208-1633
Janet Smith Brooklyn 11229-1887
Hamza Souley Brooklyn 11203-1814
Solomon Sowell Brooklyn 11212-6801
Charisma Springer Brooklyn 11213-3917
Odny St. Pierre Brooklyn 11213-5345
Jorge Strofer Brooklyn 11215-4702
Jintao Tan Brooklyn 11204-5076
Cleon Thomas Brooklyn 11210-2652
Dane Thomas Brooklyn 11236-5119
Ointya Ulacia-Oliver Brooklyn 11213-2035
Dmitriy Ulanov Brooklyn 11223-1745
Emmanuel Ulysse Brooklyn 11233-3507
Shandi Vernon Brooklyn 11225-3845
Irma Vidal-Sharma Brooklyn 11236-4109
Tracey Waldron Brooklyn 11226-6881
D'lana Wallace Brooklyn 11221
Najeree Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040
Marc Wallen Brooklyn 11203
Pendon Walters Brooklyn 11207-5311
Kristina Whitlock Brooklyn 11231-2363
Loi Williams Brooklyn 11224-1860
Zureno Wilson Brooklyn 11212-5041
Rebekah Woods Brooklyn 11212-4535
Jianping Xu Brooklyn 11219-5828
Oneil Young Brooklyn 11203-5903
Sheng Zeng Brooklyn 11249-5917
Xueying Zhi Brooklyn 11207-1605
Omar Zidouh Brooklyn 11224-1222


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