Brooklyn Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College

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Director of Media Relations
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Students from Brooklyn in Kings County, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the spring 2018 semester.


“I am proud of our students and their academic accomplishments,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “Their work ethic and talent will serve them well as they prepare to graduate and progress toward their future successes.” 


Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.


A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls more than 7,100 students – including more than 440 international students – in its Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business®, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies and the School of Liberal Arts. The School of Graduate Studies offers an MBA in Management online and in Woodland Park, NJ.


Berkeley College has three New York campuses – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are four campuses – Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. For five consecutive years, U.S. News & World Report has named Berkeley College among the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Programs and among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans. The website address is


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First Last Borough Zip  
Zanifer Andrews Brooklyn 11207-4925  
Stephanie Appolon Brooklyn 11203-5828  
Justin Armstrong Brooklyn 11225-4121  
Lonette Barlow Brooklyn 11208-4804  
Denise Batson Brooklyn 11226-3045  
Shean Buissereth Brooklyn 11210-4126  
Stefany Camacho Brooklyn 11208  
Lisa Carter Brooklyn 11233-1619  
Bibi Chowdhury Brooklyn 11221-4625  
Anquitnette Clarke Brooklyn 11207-5920  
Kieriana Clement Brooklyn 11213  
Christina Craig Brooklyn 11201-1521  
Charmaine Denny Brooklyn 11238-5472  
Digna Dosserie-Mitchel Brooklyn 11225-4963  
Shanice Drummonds Brooklyn 11212-4441  
Daphne Dupervil Brooklyn 11226-2358  
Brigitte Ethington Brooklyn 11235-3520  
Denise Fox Brooklyn 11226-5098  
Ataba Gomez Brooklyn 11217-1115  
Geraline Gunter Brooklyn 11217-2334  
Kristen Guzman Brooklyn 11249-8622  
Starr Hunt Brooklyn 11212-5862  
Nikita Ignatenko Brooklyn 11230-5433  
Evanaisa Jackson Brooklyn 11233  
Khadijah Joseph Brooklyn 11212-1531  
Valeriya Krukovskaya Brooklyn 11220-1106  
Katty Liang Brooklyn 11220-1309  
Jason Mckellop Brooklyn 11203-5129  
Olessia Novichihina Brooklyn 11214-6714  
Shakur Raphael Brooklyn 11209-4614  
Rashawn Reaves Brooklyn 11207-2439  
Ramik Rivers Brooklyn 11207-6764  
Crystal Rodriguez Brooklyn 11201  
Sean Romaine Brooklyn 11239-1710  
Rosanne Russell Brooklyn 11213-4423  
Ricardo Russell Brooklyn 11213-4423  
Joseph Saisa Brooklyn 11211-3815  
Risa-Ann Samuel Brooklyn 11207-6906  
Adan Sherwani Brooklyn 11219-1945  
Michelle Simms Brooklyn 11236  
Tron Small Brooklyn 11212-5704  
Richard Summers Brooklyn 11216  
Anna Maja Viktoria Svensson Brooklyn 11237-6142  
Shaniqua Sylvester Brooklyn 11226-5106  
Lesly Ulloa Brooklyn 11235-1743  
Rohanie Veerasammy Brooklyn 11208-2825  
Agnes Vilhelmsson Brooklyn 11221-3824  
Kirk Wilson Brooklyn 11203  
Samantha Wu Brooklyn 11230-3254  
Lindon Zeqaj Brooklyn 11209-2440  
DEAN'S LIST        
Wayne Adams Brooklyn 11233  
Omotayo Adams Brooklyn 11233  
Lila Albassam Brooklyn 11214-4402  
Muneer Al-Hajjaji Brooklyn 11206-6940  
Ryan Ali Brooklyn 11224-1727  
Crystal Anderson Brooklyn 11213-3915  
Liliia Belets Brooklyn 11214-5909  
James Bell Brooklyn 11203-5506  
Tashawna Bryant Brooklyn 11226  
Zinaida Budeeva Brooklyn 11201-2415  
Artrice Burnside Brooklyn 11238-4693  
Darlene Camilo Brooklyn 11221-3862  
Charlie Candelario Brooklyn 11214  
Jennifer Capellan Brooklyn 11234-2746  
Naylor Cardoza Brooklyn 11203-3008  
Charlie Castelan Brooklyn 11232-3044  
Analisse Castillo Brooklyn 11220-3411  
Islande Cazeau Brooklyn 11210-4712  
Rochael Charles-Marrero Brooklyn 11233-2423  
Nathalie Charpentier Brooklyn 11236-3009  
Diamond Clinton Brooklyn 11233  
Lisa Daley Brooklyn 11236-3839  
Desiree Dalton Brooklyn 11238  
Shana Devonish Brooklyn 11212-6712  
Billye Diaz Brooklyn 11224-2707  
Tylesha Dingle Brooklyn 11217-2569  
Alexis Dwyer Brooklyn 11212-5843  
Primrose Elisma Brooklyn 11201-8834  
Jorge Esquivel Brooklyn 11235-3501  
Semele Fairweather Brooklyn 11226-4909  
Ndeye Fall Brooklyn 11207-1025  
Brouilius Ferdinand Brooklyn 11213-2936  
Lydia Fraser Brooklyn 11203-1970  
Erik Frazier Brooklyn 11237-1417  
Tyrell Freeman Brooklyn 11209-1716  
Alina Frolova Brooklyn 11221-5679  
Brychele Gathers Brooklyn 11233  
Christina Georges Brooklyn 11206-6976  
Gregory Goodchild Brooklyn 11212-4251  
Daniel Goodman Brooklyn 11218-2153  
Carol-Ann Goodridge Brooklyn 11217  
Samantha Gordon Brooklyn 11234-1513  
Neicha Graham Brooklyn 11221  
Renate Grant Brooklyn 11236-1403  
Deamar Grant Brooklyn 11226  
Jessica Gualpa Brooklyn 11228  
Eric Hall Brooklyn 11208-4011  
Helen Hernandez Brooklyn 11207-4813  
Kathleen Hernandez Brooklyn 11249-5916  
Nikola Hristov Brooklyn 11205-4864  
Kimberly Huggins Brooklyn 11212-3461  
Elisa Hung Mei Brooklyn 11223  
Noor Hussein Brooklyn 11235  
Leslie Janvier Brooklyn 11234-2817  
Nia Jeanty Brooklyn 11203  
Tasha Johnson Brooklyn 11234-1202  
Ziassa Jordan Brooklyn 11212-5359  
Nicole Keeling Brooklyn 11209-2914  
Joenis Lagos Brooklyn 11221-3307  
Ed Legrand Brooklyn 11210-3206  
Shania Lendore Brooklyn 11226-1967  
Carlos Leon-Morales Brooklyn 11209  
Lakeia Lovell Brooklyn 11233-1516  
Ashley Luna Brooklyn 11232-1625  
Ahmad El Maadawy Brooklyn 11204-3824  
Yorlenis Mannings Dale Brooklyn 11208  
Jennifer Mccray Brooklyn 11212-5376  
Lystra McKenzie Brooklyn 11213-1651  
Marco Mckenzie Brooklyn 11218  
Hilda Mclean Brooklyn 11218  
Esther Miller Brooklyn 11216  
Russell Mitchell Brooklyn 11206-3438  
Kerry Moise Brooklyn 11234-2002  
Marsha Montfort Brooklyn 11234-3006  
Gregg Morais Brooklyn 11210-1000  
Roberto Nelson Brooklyn 11234-2607  
Sheena Norton Brooklyn 11207-2518  
Lavon Oliver Brooklyn 11208-3614  
Jenny Parsard Brooklyn 11234-5924  
Grace Patrick Brooklyn 11224-2353  
Jennifer Perez Brooklyn 11224-2706  
Kymesia Phillips Brooklyn 11238-1427  
Kevin Pinto Brooklyn 11233  
Althon Powell Brooklyn 11212  
Faiona Pratt Brooklyn 11203-3992  
Delores Quinones Brooklyn 11205-1805  
Ardit Ramadani Brooklyn 11235-2153  
Alicia Resabala Brooklyn 11207-3636  
Nicholas Reyes Brooklyn 11233-3968  
Lalibela Rigaud Brooklyn 11226  
Edward Riley Brooklyn 11207-2111  
Juan Carlos Roa Brooklyn 11207-1213  
Collet Robertson Brooklyn 11208-5134  
Tyler Robinson Brooklyn 11225-2026  
Ouma Kaltoum Sidikou Dine Brooklyn 11233-2909  
Rheba Singh Brooklyn 11203-3630  
Shanice Smith Brooklyn 11207-6203  
Joseph Sosa Brooklyn 11220-1306  
Omar Spencer Brooklyn 11210  
Victoria St. John Brooklyn 11226  
Wesleyan Tanco Brooklyn 11206-6477  
Latesha Thompson Brooklyn 11207  
Maria Tomassetti Brooklyn 11229-1014  
Chelsea Vallenilla Brooklyn 11236-4120  
Najeree Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040  
Rajiv Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040  
Tadela Wallace Brooklyn 11233-2737  
Valencia Webb Brooklyn 11203-2904  
James Whitaker Brooklyn 11205-1034  
Aretta White Brooklyn 11249  
Anika Whittingham Brooklyn 11221-4646  
Makeiba Winclas Brooklyn 11212-5241  
Lisa Worrell Brooklyn 11216-5201  
Shanique Wyllie Brooklyn 11210-3355  
Barbara Yehudah Brooklyn 11207-4128  
Jennifer Zapata Brooklyn 11219-1326  
Oleksandra Zovdun Brooklyn 11230-7240  


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