Brooklyn Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley college

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017
Contact: Ilene Greenfield
Director of Media Relations
973-278-5400, ext. 1-5122



Students from Brooklyn in Kings County, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the winter 2017 semester.


“I am so proud of these students for their hard work,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. “The contributions of these high achievers make Berkeley College shine.”


Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.


A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls more than 8,000 students – including more than 550 international students – in its Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degree and Certificate programs. Students can study in more than 20 career fields. Berkeley College is comprised of the Larry L. Luing School of Business®, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies and the School of Liberal Arts. The School of Graduate Studies offers an MBA in Management online and in Woodland Park, NJ.


Berkeley College has three New York campuses – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are five campuses – Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. For four consecutive years, U.S. News & World Report has named Berkeley College among the Best Colleges for Online Bachelor’s Programs and among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans. The website address is


First Last Borough Zip
Lila Albassam Brooklyn 11214-4402
Zanifer Andrews Brooklyn 11207-4925
Fatima Arnaout Brooklyn 11238-2346
Shean Buissereth Brooklyn 11210-4126
Artrice Burnside Brooklyn 11238-4693
Cristian Castillo Brooklyn 11220-2092
Akini Celestine Brooklyn 11203-4454
Guadalupe Chavez Brooklyn 11235-6416
Bibi Chowdhury Brooklyn 11221-4625
Kalip Dewalt Brooklyn 11212-6809
Jennifer Dise Brooklyn 11221-4226
Shanice Drummonds Brooklyn 11212-4441
Ayesha Dutchin-Pearce Brooklyn 11212-5830
Reynaldo Eloy Brooklyn 11236
Anniken Engelsen Brooklyn 11206-6002
Betty Escobar Brooklyn 11209-1937
Jasmin Espinal Brooklyn 11211-4554
Juliet Farinha Brooklyn 11236-2864
Marika Fraser Brooklyn 11221
Yamel Frias Brooklyn 11216-1053
Ataba Gomez Brooklyn 11217-1115
Valeria Gonzalez Brooklyn 11213-3749
Lisa Halvorsen Brooklyn 11225-6008
Kevin Jacewicz Brooklyn 11222-3930
Janina Klahold Brooklyn 11205-5618
Judeen Lecky Brooklyn 11233-5259
Robin Lindberg Nilsson Brooklyn 11231-1843
Monique Llanos Brooklyn 11217-2932
Nathalie Loevseth Brooklyn 11221-4825
Tanya Lopez Brooklyn 11233-2764
Sandra Lopez Brooklyn 11228
Chyna Lowers Brooklyn 11234
Ashley Luna Brooklyn 11232-1625
Nancy Marte Brooklyn 11208-1221
Esther Miller Brooklyn 11221
Daphne Muse Brooklyn 11218
Roberto Nelson Brooklyn 11210-4139
Christina Nelson Brooklyn 11209-7112
Ewelina Nodtveidt Brooklyn 11222
Kenton Ollivierre Brooklyn 11208-4444
Jennifer Perez Brooklyn 11224-2706
Andria Prescott Brooklyn 11210-3427
Shakim Richardson Brooklyn 11208-4912
Michael Roach Brooklyn 11209-7424
Jhonattan Rodriguez Brooklyn 11235-5412
Risa-Ann Samuel Brooklyn 11207-6906
Nora Sandahl Brooklyn 11211-5497
Emmanuel Segarra Brooklyn 11212-6852
Liliya Smagina Brooklyn 11235-6435
Geneva Smith Brooklyn 11213-1726
Karoline Steinsnes Brooklyn 11206-6002
Nevon Swan Brooklyn 11210-1129
Rebecca Tench Brooklyn 11226-1032
Jeannelle Thibou Brooklyn 11207-1424
Tanay Thompson Brooklyn 11207-8758
Kerry Tyrell Brooklyn 11210
Bernick Voltaire Brooklyn 11236-2617
Kirk Wilson Brooklyn 11203-4303
Victoria Yavnyi Brooklyn 11249-4013
Wayne Adams Brooklyn 11233
Ashley Alexis Brooklyn 11203
Muneer Al-Hajjaji Brooklyn 11206-6940
Jasmine Argro Brooklyn 11208-4131
James Arnold Brooklyn 11249-2006
Onika Ashton Brooklyn 11226-7503
Tricia Barrow Brooklyn 11216-2203
Tylik Belgrave Alleyne Brooklyn 11207-1213
Guypshamma Beneche Brooklyn 11226-8813
Luchian Bennett Brooklyn 11221-3407
Paula Billups Brooklyn 11208-2127
Tonia Bollers-Creese Brooklyn 11226
Dina Brown Brooklyn 11226-7359
Joeanna Brown-Pusey Brooklyn 11203-4828
Diamond Bruce Brooklyn 11216-2405
Natasha Cadogan Brooklyn 11203-1954
Sylvia Carrington Brooklyn 11212-1732
Silvia Castellanos Brooklyn 11208-1227
Analisse Castillo Brooklyn 11220-3411
Islande Cedras Brooklyn 11236-5519
Alexis Chapman Brooklyn 11205-4551
Ephraim Chatteram Brooklyn 11210-3503
Hassan Chowdhury Brooklyn 11218
Diamond Clinton Brooklyn 11233
Eddy Coello Brooklyn 11233-1903
Delilah Collington Brooklyn 11236-3942
Jonell Conway Brooklyn 11236
Lisa Daley Brooklyn 11236-3839
Brittany Davis Brooklyn 11216-5386
Andriana Daziel Brooklyn 11226-2549
Princess Deshields Brooklyn 11225-2551
Naomi Dumornay Brooklyn 11203-4910
Amanda Ekornes Brooklyn 11201
Gabriel Enderson Brooklyn 11236-3920
Emilia Esser Brooklyn 11221-4226
Carline Farrier Brooklyn 11226-5158
Fraz Fayyaz Brooklyn 11218-5310
Elizabeth Fedna Brooklyn 11203-3225
Edwin Fleurant Brooklyn 11212-2610
Melissa Florus Brooklyn 11234-1911
Aida Franklyn Brooklyn 11226-3585
Ann-Christin Franzen Brooklyn 11237-1680
Brian Gay-Glover Brooklyn 11233-1009
Shamiel Glasgow Brooklyn 11207-5311
Tiffany Gonzalez Brooklyn 11206-3156
Karim Gordon Brooklyn 11226-3062
Samantha Gordon Brooklyn 11234-1513
Marlena Graham Brooklyn 11212-6068
Dominique Grant Brooklyn 11212-7541
Ida Gundersen Brooklyn 11233-5847
Kristen Guzman Brooklyn 11249-8622
Majda Harper Brooklyn 11203
Tanisha Henry Brooklyn 11238-3208
Milkallie Hodge Brooklyn 11215-5381
Ciara Hooks Brooklyn 11233-2126
Elisa Hung Mei Brooklyn 11223-2442
Starr Hunt Brooklyn 11212-5862
Emiko Iwatsuki Brooklyn 11218-3012
Isatu Jalloh Brooklyn 11221-1811
Adale Jean-Noel Brooklyn 11236-4763
Charles Jones Brooklyn 11213-1003
Fatima Jones Brooklyn 11212-4037
Cherisse Khan-Antoine Brooklyn 11208-3114
Irina Kogan Brooklyn 11223-6217
John Kosmo Brooklyn 11206-2555
Phumelele Kunene Brooklyn 11210-6913
Roxanne Laborde Brooklyn 11231-1771
Antonia Lee Brooklyn 11229-4405
Shania Lendore Brooklyn 11226-1967
Natalie Loan Letran Brooklyn 11233-5847
Trisha Lewis Brooklyn 11212-1435
Lin Liu Brooklyn 11201-6994
Lakeia Lovell Brooklyn 11233-1516
Monica Lozano Brooklyn 11218-1977
Tiffany Luquis Brooklyn 11208-4205
Jessica Lyons Brooklyn 11233-4301
Diandra Maldonado Brooklyn 11249-5916
Yorlenis Mannings Brooklyn 11208
Kristina Manuntseva Brooklyn 11235-5412
Tatiana McClellan Brooklyn 11212-5473
Jenae McDonald Brooklyn 11225-4358
Akua Mceachron Brooklyn 11203-6513
Francisco Medina Brooklyn 11210
Luz Mendez Brooklyn 11204-3631
Vazha Menteshashvili Brooklyn 11214-2002
Michelle Merced Brooklyn 11208-1702
Hope Mitchell Brooklyn 11213-3289
Kadesha Modeste Brooklyn 11207-4425
Gregg Morais Brooklyn 11210-1000
Megumi Nakamura Brooklyn 11207-1630
Tuyen Nguyen Brooklyn 11204-4136
Kristie Nunez Brooklyn 11223-1409
Na'imah Odwin Brooklyn 11212-4350
Dorrette Ouseley Brooklyn 11207-4824
Jenny Parsard Brooklyn 11234-5924
Cathrine Pedersen Brooklyn 11215-6407
Berenice Perez Brooklyn 11208-4636
Valeriya Pyatchits Brooklyn 11204-3336
Jackie Radix Brooklyn 11212-3440
Ayanna Riviere-Benjamin Brooklyn 11203-3623
Alena Robinson Brooklyn 11236-4825
Martina Roccuzzo Brooklyn 11201-2415
Natalie Rodriguez Brooklyn 11206
Sean Romaine Brooklyn 11239-1710
Leanna Rose Brooklyn 11207-3503
Avery Ross Brooklyn 11226-4338
Noshrevani Rubashvili Brooklyn 11230-6820
Kristina Salavatova Brooklyn 11224-4486
Ernest Scott Brooklyn 11203
Deniz Sezer Brooklyn 11206-6701
Maya Sinclair-Lighty Brooklyn 11234-4503
Stefan Smith Brooklyn 11203-2411
Keana Soerboe Brooklyn 11233-5847
Devin Sparks Brooklyn 11211-1822
Kimberly Stallone Brooklyn 11238-1243
Kamellia Thomas Brooklyn 11234-5610
Shanyste Thomas Brooklyn 11203-4447
Stephanie Thompson Brooklyn 11203-5915
Janine Tinsley Brooklyn 11233-3484
Thamica Toussaint Brooklyn 11213-4653
Emmanuel Ulysse Brooklyn 11217-1912
Elmer Valero Brooklyn 11224-1682
Idalina Velez Brooklyn 11237
Hilario Villafana Brooklyn 11221-2282
Kristina Wahl Brooklyn 11221-1425
Najeree Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040
Rajiv Wallace Brooklyn 11212-5040
Stephanie Welsh Brooklyn 11208-3351
Angelique Williams Brooklyn 11239-1311
Samantha Wu Brooklyn 11221-1003
Sitora Yokubova Brooklyn 11232-1383
Jennifer Zapata Brooklyn 11219-1326
Meiqing Zhao Brooklyn 11229-4325


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