Brooklyn Students Recognized for Academic Achievement at Berkeley College


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Contact: Ilene Greenfield
Director of Media Relations
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Students from Brooklyn in Kings County, NY, have been named to the President’s and Dean’s Lists at Berkeley College for the Summer 2014 Quarter.

“Congratulations to these students who have worked hard in their pursuit of academic excellence,” said Dario A. Cortes, PhD, President of Berkeley College. “This recognition of top-performing students sets a solid foundation for their future success.”

Berkeley College students who achieve a grade point average of 4.00 with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the President’s List. Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.50 or better with a minimum of 12 academic credits qualify for the Dean’s List.

A leader in providing career-focused education since 1931, Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and enrolls approximately 8,000 students – including more than 900 international students – in its Baccalaureate and Associate degree and Certificate programs. The College has three New York locations – Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains. In New Jersey there are six locations – Woodland Park, Paramus, Woodbridge, Newark, Clifton and Dover. Berkeley College Online® serves a global population. Programs are offered in more than 20 career fields in the Larry L. Luing School of Business, the School of Professional Studies, the School of Health Studies, and the School of Liberal Arts. The website address is

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Locations are denoted in the fourth column.
BBK = Brooklyn location in Kings County, NY
NYC = Midtown Manhattan location in New York City, NY
ONL = Berkeley College Online®


First Last Borough Location Zip
Maya Afruzi Brooklyn NYC 11219-6349
Jennifer Alexis Brooklyn NYC 11226-6420
Raquel Birdal Brooklyn NYC 11225-4958
Emroy Caesar Brooklyn BBK 11226-7819
Anestine Croom Brooklyn BBK 11233-1724
Rosa Cruz Brooklyn BBK 11231-2511
Quintin De Castro Brooklyn NYC 11225-3261
Natalie De Jesus Brooklyn ONL 11208-2521
Debbie Dorcelus Brooklyn NYC 11216
Astride Dorelus Brooklyn BBK 11236-3401
Ya Ngoussou Melissa Doupamby Matoka Brooklyn NYC 11206-5236
Kelly Duque Brooklyn NYC 11236-2002
Yana Faynkikh Brooklyn BBK 11235-2104
Vache Febres Falu Brooklyn NYC 11212-4629
Jossue Figueroa Brooklyn NYC 11210-4051
Mecca Forrest Brooklyn BBK 11225-2613
Jessica Francois Brooklyn NYC 11224-2417
Joshua Gaddy Brooklyn BBK 11221-1005
Yanilda Gomez Brooklyn BBK 11207-3606
Joshua Gonzalez Brooklyn NYC 11220-1216
Jeffrey Green Brooklyn BBK 11206-5552
Tatiana Guerrido Brooklyn BBK 11207-6005
Nicolas Hodel Brooklyn NYC 11207
Minyi Huang Brooklyn NYC 11219-6231
Regina James Brooklyn BBK 11216-2161
Arianna Jean Brooklyn BBK 11216-4386
Jing Shan Jiang Brooklyn ONL 11228-1008
Herve Joseph Brooklyn NYC 11226-4867
Ruth Kaplan Brooklyn ONL 11215-2844
Steven Keating Brooklyn NYC 11209-2034
Mikaela Kidane Brooklyn NYC 11216-2404
Sheila Letang Brooklyn BBK 11216-1017
Zhenxing Li Brooklyn NYC 11209-2403
Shanielle Lloyd Brooklyn NYC 11216-2802
Michael Lowe Brooklyn BBK 11208-3108
Rudniqua Lyons Brooklyn ONL 11233
Rajesh Mahabir Brooklyn NYC 11230-1311
Michael Malloy Brooklyn NYC 11216
Ilya Mamin Brooklyn NYC 11228
Courtney McCoy Brooklyn NYC 11216-4112
Ola McKoy Brooklyn ONL 11234-2032
Annikka Morales Brooklyn BBK 11217-2714
Gail Morris Brooklyn BBK 11226-5916
Ronald Perdomo Brooklyn BBK 11208-2259
Jacqueline Perez Brooklyn BBK 11221-4300
Davian Perez Brooklyn NYC 11215-6117
Lovely Pierre Brooklyn BBK 11234-3718
David Pineda Brooklyn ONL 11208-3022
Marcos Eduardo Prado Araujo Negreiros Anjos Brooklyn NYC 11218-4342
Jamila Pratt Brooklyn BBK 11233-4253
Faiona Pratt Brooklyn NYC 11203-3992
Tonasia Quinones Brooklyn NYC 11229-5515
Liya Rakhimova Brooklyn NYC 11232-4051
Janique Roach Brooklyn NYC 11217-2813
Natalie Rodriguez Brooklyn BBK 11206-7510
Yi Ruan Brooklyn NYC 11238-5813
Carolina Santana Brooklyn NYC 11207-1713
Ganna Smal Brooklyn NYC 11209-7257
Hamza Souley Brooklyn BBK 11203-1814
Samanta Stanton Brooklyn BBK 11212-4147
Bernadette Starkey Brooklyn NYC 11236-5919
Wilberth Suarez Brooklyn BBK 11233-2130
Aman Tesfamichael Brooklyn NYC 11249-5532
Victoria Walters Brooklyn NYC 11212
Demetrius Wilburn Brooklyn BBK 11212-4147
Andre Williams Brooklyn BBK 11221-2802
Charles Wilson Brooklyn BBK 11208-5164
Susan Wong Brooklyn NYC 11236-3020
Hasani Worme Brooklyn BBK 11210-1610
Faith Worrell Caceres Brooklyn NYC 11231-3219
Oneil Young Brooklyn NYC 11203-5903
DEAN'S LIST        
Cankut Alakus Brooklyn NYC 11235-5207
Malinda Alexander Brooklyn NYC 11208-4802
Jennifer Alvarado Brooklyn ONL 11210-3335
Hanna Andersson Brooklyn NYC 11206-6801
War Aung Brooklyn NYC 11229-5050
Keisha Baker Brooklyn BBK 11207-5711
Moriamo Bamidele Brooklyn BBK 11221-2004
Michelene Barrington Brooklyn BBK 11207-6724
Lamar Baucom Brooklyn BBK 11239-2108
Diana Bidzhieva Brooklyn NYC 11230-3231
Ruslana Boulii Brooklyn NYC 11224-1229
Jean Daniel Bountsebe Brooklyn BBK 11226-1219
Duran Boyd Brooklyn BBK 11212-6855
Camille Bramble Brooklyn NYC 11221-1542
Monique Breeden Brooklyn ONL 11205-1942
Lissette Brito Brooklyn BBK 11228-1214
Valerie Brown Brooklyn BBK 11225-2912
Dayne Brown Brooklyn BBK 11239-1911
Ruifang Cao Brooklyn NYC 11204-5119
Daisy Carrillo Brooklyn BBK 11235-2515
Jahmelia Carrington Brooklyn BBK 11205-1826
Chantia Carter Brooklyn BBK 11221-1778
Myrline Chapusette Brooklyn ONL 11220-5499
Andrea Charbel Brooklyn NYC 11209-5025
Afesha Chong Brooklyn NYC 11234-4104
Sumeyra Coskun Brooklyn NYC 11229-3646
Kayla Coston Brooklyn BBK 11213-2503
Jennifer Date Brooklyn ONL 11234-2412
Jossyel Delance Brooklyn NYC 11208-5530
Roumelia Dentcheva Brooklyn ONL 11211-6278
Tamara Desrosiers Brooklyn NYC 11203-5607
Rodnesha Diamond Brooklyn NYC 11208-3611
Melissa Dias Brooklyn ONL 11208-3212
Brianna Douglas Brooklyn BBK 11203-1314
Christina Edwards Brooklyn NYC 11212-5946
Uwa Ereku Brooklyn NYC 11225-1456
Evgeniia Ermurateva Brooklyn NYC 11220-5058
Danielle Ervin Brooklyn ONL 11207-3511
Edgar Espinal Brooklyn BBK 11210-1536
Veronica Evans Brooklyn ONL 11208-2127
Edris Falana Brooklyn NYC 11230
Virginia Felix Brooklyn NYC 11208-1511
Gail Fernandes Brooklyn BBK 11213-5955
Kenyetta Forcey Brooklyn BBK 11238
Nicholas Gawron Brooklyn NYC 11206-3113
Geneva George Brooklyn NYC 11236-3825
Rudley Georges Brooklyn NYC 11201-1529
Mehmet Geyik Brooklyn NYC 11222-1855
Jeremy Gonzalez Brooklyn NYC 11207-6426
Maxene Griffiths Brooklyn BBK 11207-8908
Patricia Guzman Brooklyn BBK 11225-3829
Ronald Hall Brooklyn NYC 11203-2545
Tracey Hamilton Brooklyn NYC 11213-1821
Roxanne Harley Brooklyn BBK 11233-4409
Geovana Henderson Brooklyn NYC 11238-2816
Marisol Hernandez Brooklyn NYC 11218-4005
Antonio Hilerio Brooklyn ONL 11228-2639
Latasha Houser Brooklyn BBK 11213-2111
Amanda Innace Brooklyn NYC 11228-3925
Nadia Islam Brooklyn ONL 11208-1225
Faedlie Jacques Brooklyn BBK 11226-7257
Tiana James Brooklyn BBK 11221-4205
Sandra James Brooklyn BBK 11212-1321
Sabine Jean-Baptiste Brooklyn BBK 11203-4912
Yvonne Job Brooklyn NYC 11236-4521
Ava John Brooklyn BBK 11216-2801
Shevonne Johnson Brooklyn ONL 11234-5032
Kwesi Jones Brooklyn BBK 11215-2437
Alison Joseph Brooklyn NYC 11238-6822
Crystal King Brooklyn BBK 11233-2408
Jennifer Knight Brooklyn NYC 11226-2787
Krzysztof Kobylarz Brooklyn NYC 11211-1154
Cyndia Lafontant Brooklyn BBK 11212-4170
Keenan Langston Brooklyn NYC 11201-1563
Kyin Chum Lee Brooklyn BBK 11223-4641
Trevene Lewis Brooklyn BBK 11207-9108
Lifa Lewis Brooklyn BBK 11233-3274
Xiao Wei Li Brooklyn BBK 11228-3412
Sebastian Liberato Brooklyn BBK 11203-3602
Jing Liu Brooklyn NYC 11232-3703
Evette Lopez Brooklyn BBK 11207-1020
Patricia Lott Brooklyn BBK 11203-3517
Imran Mahmood Brooklyn NYC 11220-1409
Edna Martinez Brooklyn NYC 11221-3303
Paul Matthew Brooklyn BBK 11233-2607
Tracy Mckenzie Brooklyn NYC 11239-1505
Jessyca Medina Brooklyn ONL 11222-0306
Patrice Melton Brooklyn ONL 11207-9103
Marecia Moe Brooklyn BBK 11212-1788
Raushanah Negron Brooklyn ONL 11212-4754
Paulina Ng Brooklyn NYC 11214-1217
Ikea Nixon Brooklyn NYC 11212-5930
Elba Noboa Brooklyn BBK 11203-4712
Jennifer Norrblom Brooklyn NYC 11222-3912
Ijeoma Opara Brooklyn BBK 11208-4716
Claude Ouedraogo Brooklyn ONL 11226-5564
Dorrette Ouseley Brooklyn BBK 11207-4824
Candice Pacheco Brooklyn BBK 11236-1116
Sandy Page Brooklyn NYC 11203-5709
Safra Pernier Brooklyn BBK 11226-2387
Tanneh Preddy Brooklyn BBK 11221-3383
Tetyana Pritchak Brooklyn NYC 11230-7211
Gabriela Quiles Brooklyn NYC 11221-4745
Kyesha Reynolds-Betegon Brooklyn NYC 11203-2823
Leasha Richards Brooklyn BBK 11213-4006
Shaurn Richards-Bryan Brooklyn BBK 11207-4706
Elvin Rivera Brooklyn NYC 11220-3838
Ayanna Riviere-Benjamin Brooklyn BBK 11203-3623
James Roberts Brooklyn NYC 11231-1816
Beatrice Rodriguez Brooklyn BBK 11206-6959
Geraldine Savinon Brooklyn ONL 11206-7130
Bronwen Shakespeare Brooklyn BBK 11206-5726
Shayla Shepherd Brooklyn NYC 11207-4636
Fatimata Sillah Brooklyn BBK 11216-2506
Aimee Simeon Brooklyn NYC 11203-3401
Shanee Simons Brooklyn ONL 11212
Mellisa Sinclair Brooklyn ONL 11203
Ayda Son Brooklyn NYC 11229-3430
Solomon Sowell Brooklyn ONL 11212-6801
Julia Sterling Brooklyn BBK 11208-2425
Jorge Strofer Brooklyn NYC 11215-4702
Ahsan Sulehria Brooklyn BBK 11218-4281
Menachem Sutherland Brooklyn BBK 11216
Daisuke Terasawa Brooklyn NYC 11232-3275
Natalie Thadal Brooklyn BBK 11225-2316
Sylvestre Thenor Brooklyn NYC 11221-1459
Tynece Thompson Brooklyn NYC 11207-5207
Ronald Thompson Brooklyn BBK 11207-3631
Klevis Toshka Brooklyn ONL 11204-1054
Jessica Vaquero Brooklyn NYC 11237-2163
Jennifer Vargas Brooklyn NYC 11208-1221
Desmond Vasquez Brooklyn BBK 11205-2140
Argita Villalba Brooklyn NYC 11212-7346
Tracey Waldron Brooklyn NYC 11226-6881
Michael Walker Brooklyn BBK 11208-1219
Pendon Walters Brooklyn NYC 11207-5311
Monica Williams Brooklyn NYC 11221-3531
Bernice Woods Brooklyn BBK 11221-4106



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