Newsline: Berkeley College Unveils Logo Made of LEGOs at Start of 85th Anniversary Celebration


Berkeley College Unveils Logo Made of LEGOs
at Start of 
85th Anniversary Celebration

A table-top display of the Berkeley College logo, with each letter made of blue pieces, and its crest in white and blue set on a base of white LEGOs, was unveiled in January to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of Berkeley College. The display, created by Professional and Commercial LEGO® Master Artist Dan Parker, is located in the atrium at the Woodland Park, NJ, campus.

“This LEGO design is a fun visualization of our institution and how we build – piece by piece – our students’ futures,” said Michael J. Smith, President of Berkeley College. 

Berkeley lego

The creator of the display, Dan Parker, is a professional and commercial Master LEGO® Artist who specializes in making custom LEGO displays and creations, including scale models of the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers & Towers. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Parker has produced more than 4,000 LEGO projects ranging from miniature and mosaic to sculpture and mechanical as well as architectural models of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

“The 85th Anniversary of Berkeley College recognizes our commitment to higher education and to leading our students and alumni into dynamic careers,” said President Smith. “The LEGO display is one of a number of exciting initiatives taking place throughout 2016 to commemorate this important milestone in our history.”

To view a slide show of the artist at work through the eyes of LEGOs, click here. For a look at more Berkeley College 85th Anniversary stories and historical milestones, click here.

The LEGO creation was just one of many exciting initiatives taking place to commemorate the anniversary milestone.

In October 2015, Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan welcomed Hani Shihada, a chalk artist who created a piece of street art to mark the occasion. The portrait depicted a student with her hands raised in celebration on the graduation stage.

Berkeley College chalk

Photo Caption: A piece of street art, created by chalk artist Hani Shihada, commemorates the anniversary outside the doors of Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan.


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