Berkeley College Recognizes 2014 Associate of the Year Award Recipients

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Berkeley College Associate of the Year award recipients

Photo Caption: The 2014 Berkeley College Associate of the Year award recipients were recognized at a luncheon in December. Pictured L to R (standing) are Leonard De Botton, Mary Farlie, Jennifer DeJesus, Dominic Gerardi, Maria Deptula, Iessa Mitchell-Sutton, Steven Bruenjes, Rachel Adler Jaffee, William Brandt Jr., Linda Mania, Elizabeth Wysocki, Robert Torres, Mike Wilson, Hendrik Dijkstra, Cosme Escorcia, Greg Matwijiszyn, Joseph Canova, Byron Hargrove, Carmelo Torres and Daniel Lepore. Pictured L to R (seated) are Cristina Fanelli, Jennifer Litvak, Anuvita Parbhu and Barbara Trainor. 

The Associate of the Year Award in Adaptability recognizes individuals who continue to thrive through change. Recipients are:
Carmelo Torres, Senior Director, Operations, New Jersey
Honorable Mention: Steven Bruenjes, Dean, Academic Advisement, Clifton

The Associate of the Year Award in Customer Service recognizes individuals who show personal responsibility and daily effort through their work. Recipients are:
Barbara Trainor, Human Resources Assistant
Honorable Mention: Anuvita Parbhu, Financial Aid Administrator, Midtown Manhattan

The Associate of the Year Award in Excellence recognizes individuals who are committed to and produce the best achievable results. Recipients are:
Dominic Gerardi, Project Manager, Operations
Honorable Mention: Jennifer DeJesus, Director, Adult Admissions, Woodbridge

The Associate of the Year Award in Innovation recognizes individuals who have instituted or championed something new that has had a positive impact on the success of Berkeley College. Recipients are:
Robert Torres, Online Applications Administrator, Information Systems
Honorable Mention: Byron Hargrove, PhD, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Liberal Arts and Director, Honors Program

The Associate of the Year Award in Leadership recognizes individuals who inspire others to achieve the mission of Berkeley College. Recipients are:
Jennifer Litvak, Assistant Dean, Student Development and Campus Life, Online, Clifton and Dover
Honorable Mention: Iessa Mitchell-Sutton, Senior Director, Career Services, New York

The Student-Centered Associate of the Year Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to serve Berkeley College students. Recipients are:
Cristina Fanelli, Student Success Coordinator, Advising, Clifton
Honorable Mention: Maria Deptula, Library Director, Paramus

The Associate of the Year Award in Teamwork recognizes groups that work cooperatively and supportively with others to attain team goals. Recipients are:
Office of the General Counsel
William Brandt Jr., Esq., Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Rachel Adler Jaffee, Esq., Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Vice President, Compliance
Elizabeth Wysocki, Esq., Director of Compliance and Counsel
Linda Mania, Administrator, Law and Compliance

Honorable Mention:
Information Systems department
Joseph Canova, Senior Director, Systems
Leonard De Botton, Chief Information Officer
Hendrik Dijkstra, Systems Administrator
Cosme Escorcia, Director, Client Engineering
Mary Farlie, Associate Vice President
Dana Kilcrease, Programmer/Analyst
Daniel Lepore, Senior Director, System Operations
Greg Matwijiszyn, Helpdesk Director
Robert Torres, Online Applications Administrator
Mike Wilson, Network Manager

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