Berkeley College Presents the Stunning and Visionary Artists of the World Fine Art Group

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Berkeley College is exhibiting the work of a variety of artists at the Brooklyn location gallery, 255 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, NY.  This exhibit is already on display and will continue through April 30.  The gallery is open each week Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.   

“We have featured members of the World Fine Art Group before; this is in fact the third time,” said Robert Keiber, Curator, Berkeley College Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn galleries.  “They are a great collection of artists from all over the world, and I consider their work both stunning and visionary.”   

Featured artists are: 

Mike Deutsch - A long-time photographer, Mr. Deutsch shot film and resisted going digital for many years.  Once he came across a process called high-dynamic range imaging, he saw its potential and now uses it to make his photos look different and unique.  He has had many New York group and solo shows in Soho and Chelsea. 

Tracy Hanna-Foye - A fine artist for 32 years, Ms. Hanna-Foye’s work mostly consisted of paintings and murals in a very realistic style.   She moved on to abstract work which she finds gives her a feeling of freedom and escape from the ordinary

Ramesh KC - A native of Nepal, this artist says the path he takes art reflects his  awareness of the ancient temples, life of the city and artistic philosophy.

Mae Jeon - Her artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium.  She says she enjoys “combining floral images within synthetic environments to transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image.”

Duygnu Kivanc - Her abstract artwork has been shown in New York at the United Nations, in Soho and in Chelsea; in Alexandria, Fairfax and McLean, VA; and in Washington, DC, as well as internationally.   

Cedric Van Eenoo - Mr. Van Eenoo is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, musician, writer and university professor. He says his ink paintings are “an interpretation of the principles of quantum physics in a poetic aesthetic.” 

For more information about all of the artists and the exhibit, contact Robert Keiber at or 212-252-2065.







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