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Berkeley College is exhibiting the work of a variety of artists at the Brooklyn location gallery, 255 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, NY.  This exhibit is already on display and will continue until June 27.  The gallery is open each week Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.   

“This is the second time we are featuring members of the World Fine Art Group – a collection of artists from all over the world,” says Robert Keiber, Curator, Berkeley College Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan galleries. “These are great talents and we’re pleased to have them back at Berkeley College.”    

Featured artists are: 

Barry Boobis – An artist-in-residence at the Bluenote Jazz Club in New York City and a participant in the Newport Jazz Festival and the Saratoga Jazz Festival for many years, Mr. Boobis brings his love of music into his art. 

Paul Freidin – Mr. Freidin began drawing as a child during World War II, and was greatly influenced by jazz musicians like Charley Parker, John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

Sandra Gottlieb – Ms. Gottlieb is a fine arts photographer who has exhibited widely throughout the United States. Much of her work has a personal connection to the sea.

Victor M. Trejo Mr. Trejo says he didn’t discover his pictorial vocation until the age of 27, but his aesthetic sensibility remained deeply marked at 18. A strong spiritual crisis combined with readings of Shakespeare, Goethe, Whitman and Victor Hugo brought him to the existence of a new world of vast and transcendent significations. 

Ten – Ten’s works of oil on panel focus on biomorphic phenomena and evolutionary forces forming the basis of gender interaction.  His images are floral and organic.

Tami Uyama – This popular artist from Japan generally works in freehand.

Cedric Van Eenoo – Mr. Van Eenoo is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, musician, writer and university professor. He says his ink paintings are “an interpretation of the principles of quantum physics in a poetic aesthetic.” 

For more information about all of the artists and the exhibit, contact Robert Keiber at or 212-252-2065.


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