Berkeley College Presents Artists of the Summer - Sandra Gottlieb and Rose Sigal-Ibsen


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Berkeley College is exhibiting the photography of Sandra Gottlieb and the calligraphy of Rose Sigal-Ibsen at its New York City Midtown Gallery, First Floor Lobby, 12 East 41st  Street.  This exhibit is on display from July 1 through 31 — Monday through Friday — from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.                        

Ms. Gottlieb was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where she attended Brooklyn College and studied ballet.  She performed professionally with a number of ballet and modern dance companies and believes these performances gave her a feeling for movement and an awareness of change from moment to moment.  Ms. Gottlieb says this contributed to her eventual photographic vision. 

Her interest in photography led to an affinity with a wide range of American abstract painters, such as Mark Rothko, Milton Avery and Morris Louis. She said, “I absorbed what I could from all of them, and found my work becoming more and more poetic, conveying the sense of impermanence in both nature and in human existence.”    

Ms. Gottlieb’s photography was placed on display at this gallery June 3.  Having met with much interest, the showing of her work has been extended through the end of July. 

She is a member of the Professional Women Photographers and the National Association of Women Artists.  She took first place in the nature/water category at the Prix de la Photographie in Paris, France. 

Rose Sigal-Ibsen is a renowned painter and calligrapher. Born in Romania, she and her family migrated to Israel after World War II and moved to the US in 1957.  She found work as an enamelist and studied jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology  in New York, receiving many design awards.  In 1979, she began studying Sumie paintings at the KoHo School of Sumi-e in New York and Chinese brushwork at the Zhejiang Academy in China. 

She says that calligraphy came about because, “When I went to China to study, something happened in my heart – the brush, the paper and I have become one spirit.” 

An exhibit of her art was featured at this gallery in May 2013 as well as the Berkeley College Midtown Gallery, 3 East 43rd Street, in April 2011.  Ms. Sigal-Ibsen has had several exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. 

For more information about both artists and the exhibit e-mail Robert Keiber, Curator, at or call 212-252-2065.

Photo Caption A: “City Tulips,” from a series of photographs by Sandra Gottlieb on display at the Berkeley College New York City Midtown Gallery,  12 East 41st Street, from July 1 through 31.

Photo Caption B: “Nothingness,” from artist Rose Sigal-Ibsen's exhibit on display at the Berkeley College New York City Midtown Gallery, 12 East 41st Street, from July 1 through 31. 

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